Sept 11

There’s always this hype created around the world about 9/11 calling Muslims terrorists, fundamentalists and radicals. And I wonder if they’ve been waiting for such event to take place which could have given them the license to call us the axis of Evil. Even when they cannot even bring out and show us the evidence that they found.

It’s been six years since the Americans felt terror shaking their bones and plunging them into depression. So they bombed Afghanistan and then they claimed that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. And they bombed Iraq. But can two wrongs make a right?! The coalition forces have killed thousands and thousands in Afghanistan, bombing everywhere, killing innocent women and children. They mass murdered the civilians claiming that they want them to be free from the atrocities of the Taliban. But what about the torture cells, the atrocities done by these coalition forces upon men, women and children?

What about Iraq?! How can all those who remember 9/11 can ever forget Abu Ghraib prison?! How can they forget how the Muslim women and men were treated behind those walls? How can they forget that the dead bodies of the Muslims around Iraq were given no respect at the hands of the coalition forces?! Can ever two wrongs make a right? The Superior Civilized West has unveiled the beast inside it. No matter what they have achieved, no matter how many human rights organization they might have formed, they yet not have the respect for Human-beings that their civilized form has claimed to have.

The world definitely has shrunk metaphorically or maybe ” it’s the same with nothing much in it.”


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