The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a book recently published and is written by Mohsin Hamid, who happens to be the writer of Moth Smoke as well. I’ve already written something concerning that book in my other blog and I’m putting it’s link here.

The reason I’ve again chosen to write upon it is the fact that  The Reluctant Fundamentalist was recently nominated for the booker prize. Many of the people abroad think that the persona in the book represents the middle-class majority of Pakistan. It’s such a pity that writers, thinkers or even teachers have failed to contradict the above statement. The persona in the book seems more that of an elite class where drinking and going out with women is okay rather than of the middle class. I do admit that nowadays some fractions of middle class have adopted the Western culture and lifestyle but the majority of the middle-class still holds on to the morals of the religion.

The writer cannot write in a vaccum and thus this persona has something or the other of the writer in himself. The whole idea is when a person like Mohsin Hamid writes and claims to represent the majority and middle class, they fail to preject the essence of that class. They fail to represent the kernel, the mode of being of the middle class society.

But then the question remains: Who’s giving him the Booker Prize for the whole concept of fundamentalism in East, he’s been nominated for the way he writes!!!

And this is where the trouble begins. The name of the book itself suggests to represent the concept of fundamentalism. The idea that I was so proud of that we stick to the fundamentals of this religion, given in the Holy Quran. And the idea we get from this particular book is that the teachings of Quran and Sunnah has nothing to do with it!  Whereas, for the majority of Muslims, which happen to belong to the middle-class, fundametalism is the following of the commandments of Quran and Sunnah.

You can read the book if you like, but I felt sick while reading it…


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