To University and Back…

Last time when I stepped inside the university premises, it was monday (10th sept). I skipped my classes on Tuesday, and the classes were put off on wednesday and thursday because of the ongoing students’ week on the campus.

So, after one week when I stepped again inside the university gates, with the people from the administration checking my I.D. card and the Rangers and university guards standing in an upright position, I had this omenous feeling. But then there’s always a  huge number of rangers and guards after a clash and after what happened on Friday, this didn’t come as much of a surprise.

Our class was to begin at 9:20 am, and we were waiting for our teacher, when a student, belonging to a political party with a black band tied to his forearm, said that there wont be any classes for three days. Three days mourning period for those students who lost their lives on Friday. So, we came back home in order to avoid any mishap that might occur amid the security measures taken by the university administration.

This has not happened for the first time. Clashes inside university campus between certain political organizations are common. We see Rangers everywhere, they check our I.D. Cards regularly to ensure no infiltration is there, yet we see illegal immigrants everywhere blowing apart the peace of the very varsity we dwell in. But Firday was a shock to all the university students. A public bus carrying students was attacked right outside the university’s Silver Jubilee gate making matters worst. There were seven casualties, four of them being university students.

This has been the worst incident in two and half years of university life. Karachi University has always been famous for the students’ politcal parties’ clashes but it never went outside the gates of the campus. But now things have changed. Some students now even fear to take a  public bus to university. But when people of Karachi can brave the late ’80s and early ’90s and the recent may 12th mayhem, we hope that Allah will give us strenght to brave these dark times. InshAllah.


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