Are We Going Tomorrow?

The succession of smses, MSN chats and phone calls that became a reason for not going to the university even today…


SMS from X :   Did anyone read DAWN(the newspaper), the part declaring that KU is off tomorrow? Y pointed it put but since I don’t have the paper, can someone please confirm for me?

SMS from Y:    So ppl is it off 2morro? Check DAWN plz

SMS from me to X and Y:    I can’t find it anywhere? Is it really there?

SMS from Y:   Sir syed uni says ku is off.

SMS from X:    Guys, i think we should wait and see what the news brings. Some teacher says nothing is official and i can’t reach the other teacher, been trying for hours. So we’ll see at 10?

MSN msg from me to N.A. :   Are we going tomorrow?!

Reply of N.A :   I don’t know. Did you get the smses from X. I think we should wait for the news.

ME : But what about Masood Sahab?! (the teacher who’s taking Fiction and Poetry classes nowadays)

LATE NIGHT SMS from X:   Since 8am is too late to inform some of you, we ARE going tomorrow and InshAllah we WILL have classes if we are there.


SMS from X:  Jamiat has a protest planned for today so please stay home.

SMS from N.A. : Are we going today?!

SMS from X: I heard this protest from Z and a  girl in first year who has a friend in Jamiatwarned her. So its pretty reliable. Go if you want. We aren’t.

SMS from X: If you ppl come by van, let me know if your drivers are coming.. That way I’ll spread the news. I’m not allowed to come either way.

SMS from X again: Final: classes at univ are slowly being cancelled one by one. It is not safe. There will probablybe a clash and riots. Stay home. stay safe. AH.

Then I called N.A. and we decided that there was no point in going while fasting if classes are being cancelled. We should and enjoy one more holiday.

Later in the morning N.A. called me and told me that one certain friend, who’s mobile phone is giving her troubles, didn’t get any of the above messages and she actually went there. And Masood Sahab obviously was very angry and now nomatter what anyone says, we have university tomorrow and we will have classes tomorrow. InshAllah. This semester is jinxed! lol.

SMS from X just now: No matter WHAT anyone says or hears, unless there’s a nuclear threat we ARE going tmw. Nothing happened today & we need to finish our course. That’s final.


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