You switch on your T.V. to get updated on the news and you end up watching people talking about elections. The general public here though seems indifferent towards the whole idea of casting votes as if they know the results would be what “others” want them to be. Anyway, so you turn on your television set and you see all these faces that promise that there would be no corruption, no sky high prices and no militants. And it makes you wonder how many past promises of all these politicians have been fulfilled?! I’m still wondering…

About the sky rocket-ing prices of wheat… HOW ON EARTH A LAY MAN CAN NOW AFFORD TO EATROTI?! Well, I guess when you have palaces to live in, mansions in European countries, and bank balance in Swiss Banks, I don’t know if you’d really think about the prices of wheat. No wonder a common man turns into a criminal when he really want is to earn his bread via honest means. Who am I kidding… Pakistan is progressing by leaps and bounds (you just don’t have EYES to see it!).

Let’s change the subject… Recently I saw this T.V. program where two of the presenters were talking about the whole election season, the candidates and other related stuff. One thing I really loved about one of the presenters was that : why not make Ali Saleem (commonly known as Begum Nawazish Ali) the President, stating that he is complete symbol of hypocrisy behind the whole concept of Enlightened Moderation! Atleast someone thinks like me.

This brings me to one of my favourite remarks : No matter what you do, no matter how low cut dresses you wear, you will always be TAGGED as A MUSLIM! Looks like our President didn’t learn a thing from Turkey even though he’s spent quite some time of his life there. No matter what Turkey would do, it’s never going to be accepted by the European Union (or the Christian Union in other words). I guess the Signs are only for those who have Aql.

There was a  documentary aired by BBC in the mid ’90s revealing the “deeds” of Benazir Bhutto. Well… it just came back to me that how the west has been so open about the hoarding up of wealth and how easily they have forgotten it and now wants her back to get some more! Hypocrisy?! OR whatever you may call it…

Now the question comes: Who am I going to support?!


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