From Uninteded Consequences

The following excerpt is from an article that was published in Dawn, last year under the heading of “Uninteded  Consequences”. The article’s been written by Ayaz Amir. And somehow gives you hope and makes you realise that no matter how bad things are, there are those who are working, risking their lives for higher purpose. Perhaps, the liberals would blame the Islamists for everything that is happening but something that liberals always forget is that you can never please people. So nomatter what you’d do, you could never actually be accepted by the West.

” Islamists are battling in Israel in Gaza, Islamists are engaging Israel in Lebanon, Islamists fighting the US occupation in Iraq, Islamists battling the American-propped Karzai puppet in Afghanistan, Islamist guerrillas fighting the Pakistan Army to a standstill in North and South Waziristan and an Islamic Regime in Iran standing upto the US and providing support to Hamas and Hezbollah…

… So note the spreading arc of turbulance: from the shores of Mediterranean to the borders of Pakistan, the enitre region is ferment, the arrogance and stupidity of American policy fanning the flames of unrest and revolt.”

-Ayaz Amir (under the heading of “Unintended Consequences”)

Dawn Newspaper (4th Aug ’06)


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