Fear of the Unknown…

The sun is almost out. At this time in the morning, all the birds do chirp but these days, you hear a voice once in a while. The air is calm. The leaves are still. Even when the sun is out and about, and is melting us in it’s scorching heat, there’s this calmness in the air. And when nights of Karachi are famous for the sea breeze and it’s cool effects, somehow even at nights, the moon seems to spread it’s calmness around, no noises of the chirping cricket, and still the air is still. It seems as if everything has just forgot how to breathe, it seems that the trees are holding their breath at something horrific. There is something omenous in the air. You can feel it in your bones. Is it the silence before the storm?!

Your intuition is telling you to hide, take cover. Something’s coming. The fear of the unknown grips your heart and though it’s hot, you feel a chill in your marrows. You can feel that the times are getting worse… Everywhere you look, it seems to present a gloomy picture. The political unrest makes you realise that the worst is coming. Everyone, who has survived the early ’90s voilence and unrest, knows that things will change for the worst and not the best. Everyone’s breathing  uncertainty. The fear is clear in their eyes. The people have lost direction…

But something gives me hope. I remember reading somewhere that no matter how long the night is, the sun will rise. But I still wonder, if I’ll be able to see that sunrise unscathed by the murderous dark night…


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