I’ve gone through a lot of posts concerning traffic jams from across the world. And believe me, being a Karachiite, it came as a blow.

“Traffic jams there! I’m shocked!”

It comes as a shock for one thing, not the whole world is dug up like Karachi. You travel on one road, the pipelines are to be put in so yeay, the road is blocked because of the limited space through which traffic can move. But now since the under-passes and the fly-overs( and if the fly-overs fall, they too then cause traffic jams) are being constructed and you feel even more agitated when you read the sign saying,”Sorry for the inconvinience.” ARGH!

In other parts of the world, you don’t see such diversity as you see here. If you’re waiting for a green signal, it might as well happen that a person is pushing his cart(laden with fruits) and is right in front of you as the lights turn green. Then POOF! another traffic jam! Then you have gadha gari, ghora gari, cows, bicycles, motorcycles, mini buses, buses, trucks, containers and cars of course. The buses race each other on every other road, the motorcycle walas think that the road and the footpath is all theirs. My mum says,” in ka bus chalay tu soyi kay nakay mein say bhi motorcycle nikaal lain“.

Apart from this, if a minor accident happens, or there’s a KESC person doing some work over the electrical wires upon the pole, or even if two people are fighting on the road side, it’s necessary for every passer-by(be he riding on a bike, a cycle, a car, or the bus) to stop and look and look and keep looking till the matters are resovled! SO, yes, another traffic jam!

Traffic jams of today even comprises of one who’s getting late for Iftaari. SO what, other people are too! Why don’t you just carry  a few dates with you to avoid major incidents. Show some TOLERANCE. but I guess tolerance gets eaten up during the Fasting period when you’re not eating anything else! Even at bazaars before Eid, you cannot imagine getting a decent place to park your car after yo get to the bazaar after an hour of  being stuck in the traffic jam.

Oh Well! It’s always better to know that you’re not the only one who’s suffering from the traffic jams. There are others as well.

There’s another way of looking at the traffic jams and I guess I have it on my other blog!