I’ve been watching every politician or political analysts talking about the whole whole election, the parties, the results and the consequences. And believe me the debates on T.V. are just there to pass time as they offer no solution. So, being tired of seeing “respectable” people like Benazir and Sheikh Rasheed and others, I decided to switch it off before it switches off my mood for the rest of the day!  Though I’m still fidgety sitting here. But then I have Iqbal’s collection with me and it struck me why not make my blog “complete” by adding some of his verses…

A couplet that I love from “Mard-e-Musalman“…

yeh raaz kisi ko nahin maloom ke momin

qari nazar aata hai, haqeeqat mein hai Quran

And it’s so sad that we, who should be the embodiment of Quran don’t really know what it says. And I’m sure that whatever we are suffering in today’s world is because we’ve failed to realise the purpose of our existence.


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