It’s been two years now since the tragedy. I still remember how I got an sms in the afternoon from a friend and I, who abstain from watching TV in Ramadan, was compelled to turn it on and see it! I remember how from that day onwards, the whole nation was glued to TV. Every news, every update and every number was closely watched and and every household cried for the loss of lives and the extent of damage! It was the earthquake that rocked the Northern Areas of Pakistan and some parts of India. Pakistan was affected more.

It’s been two years and still the survivors are made to live in makefshift tents and houses. The mental trauma still exists. Some of them still fear to send their kids to school because two years ago many of them never returned. The memories are still painful. They are still fresh in the minds of not only those who were there, but with us as well who were miles apart. A part of our soul was disturbed, marked and seared!

Few years back when it was not raining in Pakistan, my father quoted a verse from Quran to me which says that whatever good comes to you, comes from Allah and whatever pain is inflicted upon is the result of your own deeds. And I wonder yet why after seeing and experiencing the wrath of ALlah, we still do not fear Him. Why do we not mend our ways…

And I pray to Allah that May He guide us to the straight path, let us not make Him angry. And MAy we be successful in both the worlds. Ameen


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