Eid… Eidi!

So yes early morning Vermicelli, kababs and chaat round at relatives, home or at close friends is how everyone start off their day on Eid-ul-Fitr. The moods and the festivities are always on their height.

The most integral part of this Eid is the EIDI! Everyone lines up in front of the elder family members (at times begging) for Eidi. Everyone trying to nick more money from someone or the other. Everyone making excuses to get more money out of their elders’ pockets. At this time of the year, even the mums don’t scold their kids for asking money! That’s something everyone takes advantage of! I still remember when I was giving out Eidi to my cousins, my two year old cousin stood looking at me finally saying,” Ap ne mujhe Eidi nahin di.”(You didn’t give me Eidi) And I couldn’t help myself laughing out loud! And you should see how the guys in my family go crazy! But it’s the part of all the Eid Festival! (OOPS! One of my brothers didn’t give me Eidi!)

The most important thing about Eidi is mostly people don’t give gifts! It’s the money which everyone loves! (ain’t that making me sound like a capitalist?!) But it’s a good way for  people to actually open their heart and keep their hand easy on the money! It makes you realise that money shouldn’t be restricted to just you, but it should trickle down to other fractions of the society as well starting from your own family and friends! The other thing about Eidi is elders give it to younger, brothers to sisters. And it’s not necessary for sisters to give it to their brothers(only if the brothers are younger). So, yes feminists should be happy! lol.

Anyway, so now that you have Eidi, how to spend it?! All I can think right now is: BOOKS! Cousins are planning to have dinner at some fancy place… let’s see what we end up doing…


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