Maintaining the Standards

I stopped reading the papers after huge incidences that happened after Eid-ul-Fitr and the great Emergency. I guess I was trying to shut out the ramblings of the politicians and the army-men. Anyway, during my exams while I was having breakfast one fine Monday morning and was not in the mood of studying, I took up the newspaper wondering if something “interesting” was there. And to my surprise the whole newspaper had changed.

I took up Dawn’s Sunday Magazine because it was supposed to be the best part about the newspaper. But articles by Farid Paracha, the Swot articles and not to mention Aunty Agni thing shoved me to an early grave. I was appalled, flabbergasted and highly offended. What are these articles trying to imply?! OR better… What are these articles trying to propagate?!

I remember reading F.R. Leavis’ essay for the exam. The essay suggested that the literature and newspapers have sub-standardised in order to meet the mass civilisation’s demands rather keeping it’s standards for the few who actually have a good taste and higher intellect. So, the so-called elite or rather the western-ised minds of Pakistan has taken its lead in the same thing. Now they’re writing what they think is “light”,”interesting” and “funny” not realising that they are giving the youth a direction that would lead this country into chaos. We don’t want writers who can lull us to sleep. We don’t want writers who think “enjoying” life should be everything. We need writers like Naseem Hijazi, who can shake us up, who can wake us up from the deep slumber.

The English Speaking Class of Pakistan, which believes in the superiority of the Western Civilization and thought, have forgotten their own roots. English might be the need of time, but to rip ourselves from our own language, culture and roots have driven us into the labyrinth without a sense of direction. It’s a life where you follow the shadows, where you run after the crowd who are in the same state of hopelessness.

So, back to where I was. The Dawn newspaper has lost its vigour, life and decency. I’m not saying that I’ve a better taste. All I’m trying to say is we are a better nation. And we can do so much more than immitating the West in the most degraded things. We have better examples like Iqbal and Faiz. We need to set our standards high and help our mass civilisation to come upto that standard not the otherway round. The writers have a huge responsibilty and they should take the lead of guiding people in a better direction. This is the need of our times.


4 thoughts on “Maintaining the Standards”

  1. Asma
    I was going through my archives and came across one of your comments from february 2006.
    Just thought I would stop in and say hello.

    I can’t help but chuckle at your frustration of the “English Speaking Class of Pakistan” and yet your blog is in English?

    I’m not making fun and I understand your frustrations. Only teasing you a bit!

    The dumbing down of tests and manipulation of test scores is rampant in many schools throughout the USA.

    We have this Federal government progam over hear called “No Child Left Behind”. It sounds good but it isn’t.

    Just google “No Child Left Behind Act”

    However there is a big problem with No Child Left Behind. I think that this is one of the worst bills affecting education over here in the USA. Children are all different, with some being brighter, more motivated and with varying home lives.

    In the race for learning, some will win and some will be left behind. In order for none to be left behind, the winners must slow down.

    The realty of No Child Left Behind is to create a mediocre at best group of children, as all must be the same so no one is left behind.

    The bright, more gifted and exceptional students are shortchanged, and many stop learning out of boredom.

    See…….I have the same frustrations of our government as you do!

    I enjoyed your post!………..Jimmy

  2. @Jimmy : When I was talking about the “English Speaking Class” of Pakistan, I was referring to those who do not know the national language at all and are proud of it. The “western Influenced” kind!
    Anyway, welcome back!

  3. Asma
    Thanks for stopping by! You do understand I was only teasing when I mentioned that you blog in English! But, I’m glad you do or I coudn’t understand it!
    It would be sort of like my frustration over the Spanish language invading our country here in America and then posting everything in Spanish!

    I haven’t visited your blog in quite some time and it’s good to find you doing well. I always think and worry about you and Tee, and the Miss Bina Shaw when ever I read the news and hear of calamities such as a suicide bombing or Martial law/emergency rule inacted by Musharraf!

    I’ve met people all over the world on this blog, and it’s just weird to worry about someone you only met by chance, via the internet on the other side of the world.

    You are a very kind young lady and I pray for your safety!

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