Back to School

As I glanced at my poetry results, I almost fainted with relief. I didn’t do good in poetry and the only thing I was counting on was prayers. And seeing that I cleared that paper I knew my prayers and my parents and friends’ prayers were answered. Though I was quite disappointed by my result in Fiction exam, but I know for sure now it’s the grace of Allah that I stand where I stand and I pass because of Him. And I know when I raise my hands in prayers that they will be answered in one way or the other.

And I thank Allah for giving me the privilege of university education, the faith and imaan and most importantly to have made me a Muslim.

And with the faith that He will guide me through this year, would make me realize the shallowness of this world and would make clear the reality of the other world, I enter the gates of University again, praying to find light, hope and guidance.


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