Religious Knowledge

Who are you?!

A Muslim. Period.

Sunnni?! or Shia’a?!

And this question reminded me of one incident. I remember having a discussion with a number of girls. And one of them said that when it was asked of Quaid-e-Azam if he was Sunni or Shia’a. He said, “Was the Holy Prophet (saw) Shia’a or a Sunni?!” The person asking the question was dumbfounded! And somehow I realised how we have transgressed from the original teachings of Islam. How we pay more attention to other rituals than strictly following Quran and Sunnah.

Once our maid was telling us about the whole ritual of Nazr-o-Niaaz and I not comprehending what she was saying asked my mum what is she talking about. My mum explained things to me and the maid turned to my mum asking if we were “wahhabis”. And then again I asked,”Mommy, what is meant by being a wahhabi?!” 

Then again you have alot of different demarkations that people have created. And unfortunately these groups of people, who have developed a liking or contempt for other groups on the basis of personal grudges. Specially Muslims of South Asia indulge in these matters without having sound knowledge of Deen which we call “ilm“. We have four major Schools of Thoughts in Islam. And all of them are authentic. After the death of Holy Prophet, Sahaba and Ummul Mo’mineen came up with different answers to different problems. They had ample Ilm from the Holy Prophet (Saw) to come up with solutions, to disagree and yet be in the right. But people today fail to realise their short comings. Everyone thinks they are in the right without ample knowledge of Quran, Fiqah and Hadeeth and pass out judgements, contempts and speeches of hatred to other groups without realising that their judgement without sound knowledge will always be flawed!

So, when we talk, in this century, of going abroad and gaining knowledge and be “enlightened”, we should also stress on the need to get ourselves educated in the fields of Quran, sunnah, Hadeeth and Fiqah. It’s the need of our times when Muslims are falling apart without knowing that maybe whatever they are standing for might not be in the true sense of Islam.


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