I was watching a  T.V. Programme on saturday night. It was a late night LIVE show and they were taking Live calls as well. In the midst of the show, a young woman called from the most elite part of Karachi. She seemed educated as she used English as a medium to transfer her ideas to the audience. She added at the end of her conversation that she’ll vote for PPP because she thinks Bilawal is “hot”! I was shocked! Flabbergasted! Disgusted!

We talk about Democracy and yet even the educated lot of this country has no sense of using their power of “voting”. The Fate of this country is now in the hands of the youth who considers facade and hollow materialism to be the most important things in life! So, now we’ll have models (female/male) cat-walking in our assemblies!

I need a break! I need to breathe! WE NEED TO WAKE UP!