I was watching a  T.V. Programme on saturday night. It was a late night LIVE show and they were taking Live calls as well. In the midst of the show, a young woman called from the most elite part of Karachi. She seemed educated as she used English as a medium to transfer her ideas to the audience. She added at the end of her conversation that she’ll vote for PPP because she thinks Bilawal is “hot”! I was shocked! Flabbergasted! Disgusted!

We talk about Democracy and yet even the educated lot of this country has no sense of using their power of “voting”. The Fate of this country is now in the hands of the youth who considers facade and hollow materialism to be the most important things in life! So, now we’ll have models (female/male) cat-walking in our assemblies!

I need a break! I need to breathe! WE NEED TO WAKE UP!


5 thoughts on “Shattered!”

  1. I think that the education, we, being the third world country, have via television has quite ruined our mental capabilities to see beyond the facade of lavishness and materialism. The uneducated or the inadequately educated section of our society doesn’t even know how to best use their votes. Plus we don’t trust the system. SO I bet the results are written down before hand, they just need to put a show to fool themselves that yes, Elections did happen.

  2. Exactly. We need to wake up. The emotions that I’m talking about are above the Western definitions. The rationality which we should cater to and that most of us cater to, comes after emotional bonds. The emotions that this country’s population follows is initself going in the wrong way! As one of my professor puts it,”this nation is a victim of personality cult”. If this love for people is directed to someone above than farce politicians, this would lead this country far beyond where it is right now

    This is a very good research topic. I can do my dissertation on that. Thanks

  3. What exactly I think is that Rationality should lead Emotions. Emotions of general Public can be utilized … or even manipulated … for the sake of betterment … for taking benefits for Nation, Humanity and Life as a whole.
    For this purpose, emotions should be under the control of Rationality. Sizable population of general masses can be just emotional … they may not have anything to do with Rationality. But their leaders should be Rational … and may be in the sense that they are also able to even manipulate pure emotions of general people with the view to get above-referred positive and moral advantages.

    Secondly, I don’t think that some of the so-called our own concepts about emotions are entirely free of Western definitions. You can check my following article titled: “Some Possible Historical Roots of Iqbalian Ishq”.


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