Hypocricy of the West unleased.

For the last couple of days the words of Mohammad Asad from his book The Road to Makkahare ringing in my ears. There is an incident mentioned in this book where the author and a fellow non-muslim traveller asks a beduin (trying to conrner him) that why is that a Muslim man is allowed to marry into a Jewish/Christian family but a Muslim woman is not? And the beduin replies to these educated men that if a Jewish/Christian woman is married into a Muslim family, she will never hear a word every said against the Prophets of her faith whereas, if a Muslim woman marries into a Jewish/Christian family, she’d definitely hear words against the last Prophet (Peace be upon him).

The so-called civilised world unleashes it’s brutality, it’s grotesque-ness and sickness of their minds with hurling insults at our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) by drawing the caricatures of our beloved Prophet just in the name of Freedom of Speech. They’d go on and on about it but paradoxically they’d persecute anyone who denies holocaust.


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