Pakistanis have recently started showing overwhelming interest in forming bonds of friendship with India. They have been struggling in every possible way to be a part of their circles. We have seen co-productions of movies and soaps as a gesture to confirm my above statement. Not only that, the recent event of setting Iqbal Singh free when he’d been acquitted to be the spy from India is a huge leap in that affair. Ansar Burney was in the media spot light for setting him free. (It’s another thing that he posed before media a lot to show I don’t know what.)

But what about the Indian side?! Have they forgotten that Pakistan and Bangladesh have been the part of their “motherland” which Muslims brutally amputated?! Have their prejudices against Muslims died?! Have they extended their hand of friendship as well?! These questions are far from being responded to lately. Whenever the Pakistani media talks about the whole India-Pakistan relationship, it ends up showing that we are being so great as to forget all the past differences and are making progress in forming a bond. But is it true?!

The Gujrat pogrom has been exposed and the minister has been caught on tape as to ordering the holocaust of Muslims. He’s still in the ministry and I wonder where are the international Human Rights’ activists?! Where is U.S. Army who has taken the job of “liberating” Muslims from the atrocities of the not just the “religion” but also from the “oppressive” leaders?! The recent news of Khalid Mehmood, who went to watch a match in India was torutred to death in an Indian cell is overwhelmingly inhumane. Oh! but doesn’t it remind of us Muslims being torutred in Abu Ghraib prison or Gauntanamo Bay. So, where is Ansar Burney, the human rights’ activists or U.S. again. One might wonder why I bring in U.S. so much. It’s because they have taken up the responsibilty of making this world a better place, for liberating Muslims or other people from oppression and inhumane laws and practices.

Back to square one. How many of the Pakistanis have been corrupted by the Indian media whereas, India has boycotted all the Pakistani channels. Why are Muslims dying to be near them one still wonders. The fantasy of India shown on T.V. might be all charming but how can one turn a blind eye to all the atrocities committed by their government delibrately. There’s a saying by the Prophet (S.A.W) that a Momin is never bitten by the same hole again. And we have to look into ourselves and be conscious of every step we take, every nation we befriend and every deed we commit not just as  a nation but also as individuals.


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