Time to Wake Up…

“Aziz admits energy policy was flawed”


“Ministry sees new taxes as only way out of crises”


I wonder what happened to the foreign reserves that the Mush and Shauki government used to brag about. When the economy is booming and country is progressing that by day, why over tax the already overtaxed population?! I wonder how much they’ll lie and how much they’d bleed us so that the fire of their tummies can be extinguished.


2 thoughts on “Time to Wake Up…

  1. hmmm. Shuki is a banker. All he knows is how to accumulate liquid resources i.e. cash or foreign reserves etc. He just accumulated cash by selling national enterprises … i.e through “privatization”.

    We got cash in books. We didn’t tell the nation that many national resources are no more the property of Pakistan government.

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