Mera ik ik Sipahi hai Khyber Shikan…

Whose war are we fighting?

TO whom are we proudly showing our strength?!

Whose shoes are we licking?!

Maybe too many questions. But the answers are always ambiguous. The masters changed. The confused are becoming more confused. What system is this where justice is not there. And I’m not talking about the lawyers and judge’s movement. If there’s no center in life, every movement is fruitless. And we surely have left that centre a long time back…

The soldiers are fighting a war, they don’t know for whom. Their attacks bring down men of their own. Their lives becoming burdened by the blood they shed of the innocent. They have lost the centre and they have lost the direction and thus they lost their souls to the devil. The devil who watches them from the shadows of their hearts and laughs at them calling on God that,’look, as I’ve promised I’ve made them my fellow dwellers of Hell.” And men, succumbing to the darkness of their souls and hearts feel themselves lost in the world of glamour and drinking deeply of the presentness rather than the consequences…

News flickered on TV from the Khyber Agency. The news people calling them the local “Taliban”. Then the news showed the “shuhada conference” from Islamabad. It’s been one year. One whole year since the Lal MAsjid Incident…

“Mera ik ik Sipahi hai khyber shikan” – the national song blared on the radio. The song mocking the bravery of the soldiers. The soldiers who proudly brought down Lal Masjid. The soldiers that killed innocent women and children. The soldiers that never had the courage to even give those girls, children a proper burial. These are the soldiers who are as strong as the fort of Khyber, stronger than Khyber that they can actually pull it down, break it up.

There were soldiers once, who tied bombs onto themselves and used to lie down the enemy tanks so that those tanks wont touch the sacred soil of their country. There were soldiers once who would give lives just to protect their country, their people. People used to encourage their kids to go into Army and be the one who’d have sleepless night watching the borders ir country… to let their kids on the wall so that the country sleeps soundly under the safety blanket. But now… now… they’re not soo sure…

It all comes down to one thing: When the “Centre” goes, everything else goes with it.


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