Down the Memory Lane…

I’ve been trying to upload the documentary “The Iron Wall” here for quite some time now, but am constantly failing. But I figured out another way. Posting a link here of my earlier post which has the whole documentary in three volumes, I think it’s worth the trouble watching it to understand that the jews are killing Palestinians in ways we cannot even imagine…

We try to look the other way, which is more easier and ignore the whole affair but how can you just forget them when Jews are doing it again and again and with multiplied intensity har dafa. They’ve been killing innocent civilians for more than half  a century, and now the white phosphorus bombs and other sophisticated weaponary has made it more lethal. 

I’m reminded of something which I heard as a child…

“Aye mard-e-mujahid jaag zara
Ab waqt-e-shahadat hai aaya” 

I hope we wake up and do something to stop the atrocities of the jews and the west not only in Palestine but in Iraq and Afghanistan and in our country as well…

Do check out the documentary:


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