I remember reading somewhere that when you want to learn something, e.g. if you want to be a psychologist, you’d go to school of Psychology or if you even want to learn anything about psychology you’d go to someone who’s an expert in that field. So, you need a guide, a person who can actually give you a more “intense” knowledge of something which you cannot gain by only reading up upon them. But the irony is, when you need to know what Quran teaches and what it means and how can I actually practice it, people rely on their limited knowledge and understanding. Most of them say that we don’t need a guide we’d read and understand it ourselves. How Ironic! If I want to be a doctor, I’d go to a med school, or if I want to know about some medical condition, I would not only read up on that but will also go to a doctor, an expert who can guide me but when it comes to Quran and Hadeeth, we downplay the importance of the experts and consider ourselves to be the best teachers!

No wonder we see different kinds of interpretations of Quran from every Tom, Dick and Harry.