I’ve been trying to read up on CDA but to no avail. I just fail to actually comprehend a lot of things probably because I need somebody to actually tell me on what lines to think and before that how to read CDA. Anyway, this semester, we are asked to write a proposal for research methods class and all of us are kind of confused regarding many things. Anyway, we were asked to think about things that irks us or interests us and try to work on that. Well, I remembered how a few years ago how the change in curriculum and textbooks created a whole controversy in PAkistan, I thought why not give it a go. I’ve come across alot of things since then, books, articles and what not.

I knew earlier too that the textbooks are always loaded with some kind of ideologies. But I guess when you read into it, you realise that even the slightest of comments have whole ideology packed behind them. Scary! So if you open your kid’s book and the first word he reads is “cheap”, I would definitely be on my guard of what is going to come next!

Even when the textbooks are not “Islamic”, there are ideologies working behind them. Whether it’s English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, History or whatever, there’s more to them then just texts or simple lessons of life, every sentence is loaded with meaning which is hidden from the naked eye.


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