Yet another exam today! Atleast I knew something about the first one, I don’t know anything regarding this one.

Iss dafa tu sirf duaon se pass hongi.. agar hui tu…

But then I look around me and think how can I be so selfish… There are people around me, my brothers in faith who are in much more distress than  I am. It’s just an exam, and they… they are going through hell in the literal sense of the word. How many times in the entire day am I thinking about them? Feeling for them? Am I only going to talk about them and do nothing. How many times I think about actually going out to help them?

I see the madness now… madness englufing me.

Apnay hi mulk mein be sar-o-samaan…

“Yeh woh sahar tu nahin
k chalay the yaar k mil jayegi kahin na kahin
Falak k dasht mein taaron ki akhiri manzil
Kahin tu hoga shab-e-sust mauj ka saahil
Kahin tu jaa k rukayga safina-e-gham-e-dil”