There Are Signs

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Last September, a bomb blast rocked the city of Islamabad- the target was Marriot Hotel. There were many stories regarding the whole blast and the most famous were that of American Embassy being invloved in the whole affair. Though the authorities wanted people to think otherwise…

Today, the target was Lahore Rescue building. So many killed, so many injured… the images wrought our hearts, the cries filled our ears, yet our hearts didn’t shake for the horror that was unleashed!

The blame game begins:

Rehman Malik said on record that it was a reaction of the Swat operation. But most of us thought otherwise. Why believe the lying government? Why believe the stupid man when there have been no  investigation as such?! Why believe that the men caught are not actually the people of the governement? or Mossad?or CIA? or RAW?!  There’s more to everything that’s been done today… that happens today… why rely on these puppets for the truth?

Taliban, who tried to form a government in Afghanistan were feared by the whole world, so America thought why not just eradicate those handful of people, they bombed the place to bits and pieces killing and they’re still killing innocent men and women and children. Taliban, that were originally Taliban, are still in those caves still fighting the nato forces and the american forces in Afghanistan.Taliaban, who eradicated the poppy fields, who stopped tribal wars and those who fought away Russians with barefeet and no hi fi weaponary. Well, at the end of one of the john Rambo movies, it says that this movie is dedicated to the courageous people of Afghanistan just becase at the time they were fighting Russia, but what happened then…? Well.. it’s all changed now. Oh plus! They grow poppy now in Afghanistan, and Americans are selling herione now for more than 100% profit and in dollars… they must have hated that about the Taliban too…

The country ,whose anti-aircraft guns were rooted on the soil fo Jordan to safeguard the refugees of Palestine, is itself in jeopardy. The country whose rulers are corrupt, American puppets or better American puppies and who are there because America wanted them to be there. People are under the impression it’s them who vote. Bechare… when will they able to see the truth. How can we rely on democracy in Pakistan when more than 90% of the population is slaves to the chaudhries, waderas and sardars? where literacy rate is low than 87%?How can an Aalim’s decision be equal to a Jaahil’s? This is what happens when we follow a flawed system where the word of Allah is not held Supreme. Beware of the Wrath of God, for when the zulm increases to it’s limits, and they spread fasaad, the Wrath of God is unleashed over the creation preceded by the warnings. Look around us, the soaring temperatures, the poverty, the IDPs, the bomb blasts and the earthquakes… but we fail to realise that we have digressed!

There are signs for those who have aql.. but that aql comes with taqwa, imaan and amal-e-saleh. We are far from that…


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