03052009(002)I kept trying to settle down in linguistics, but it certainly was not my cup of tea. All of us, who took admission to do our second Masters after completing our Masters in Literature, kept asking ourselves as to what we were doing there. Well, I dropped out. Why?! Well… I sorted out my priorities…

Now, back at home, relaxing for the next few months, I have all the time now to drool over all those books which I have been planning to read for the past couple of years but didn’t get time to indulge in. I’ve taken out all those books and I’m actually planning to read them inshAllah. ( Well I even bought some right after the last exam.)

Anyway, there’s something that literature has taught us: How to Read! I mean I don’t mean I’m a very good reader, but surely our reading speed has decreased because there’s something about these books which is beyond the storyline. Even if I’m reading a children’s story book, I try to connect so many things at once that it’s not just the book or story I’m involved in, it’s even the white space between words which is fully laden with meaning. And how can we actually draw a line between literature and life, or experience or emotion. Even when reading non-fiction or philosophy or anything, you can never deny the impact of those words that you read. (I might write a separate post on that.) But seriously, how can one ever deny the strong impact of words even when you’re not paying any attention to it!

Anyways, it’s been a long time… And I can’t wait to read everything which is worth reading other than the rules of phonology or Teaching English as a second language. Finally I’ll try to read something which is other than how to retreive data from my memory. 🙂