Let me quote a joke here that was quite famous when we were kids. So here it goes…

There’s this very beautiful African deer and then it gets lost. So the policeforce of every country is called out to help. So the every police force brings forward a deer and the authorities say that it’s not the one. Then Pakistani police force brings with them a badly beaten elephant and as soon as he sees the authroities, he cries out, “mein hi woh hiran hoon.. mein hi woh hiran hoon.” (I’m that deer.. I’m that deer)

Anyway, today when I watched news on TV, it reminded me of this joke. Suddenly out of nowhere this new group emerged, a person without a face appeared with a kind of speech which appeared to be.. ahem.. I don’t know forced down his throat maybe. I don’t know, I never trusted media… nor my police force and now when agents are all over, should I be trusting a paki pakai khichri?! I don’t know.. there’s so much out there. Should I ever trust those numbers of militants and the military officers being killed that are being released by the ISPR? Give me one good reason why I should… Do they think I would believe that they are actually killing militants and not innocent people? Hell.. No!

To them our lives have become a joke. Lives of Muslims and ordinary human beings have become a joke. For them the lives of people in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan is nothing more than litter. They are not human anymore. But the problem in  Pakistan is that they have pulled a few strings and it’s our army against our people. Media has made a crucial role since Musharraf has given them lisence and they have, since then, played a more destructive role than a constructive one. They have twisted alot of things, just use some of the words with some of the people and hey… there you go.. one stereotype is created! So, now we have thousands of them. So… now we have moderate and extremists and liberals and whatnot. So if I wear a veil, I must be liberated! Oh for God’s Sake! wake up! what are you thinking? I’m some mastermind created because of Zia’s era?! Give me a break!

But food for thought: The person stood before camera’s today having his face covered, didn’t he seem a bit too well versed in whatever he said?!