Bhar De Jholi

The President of Pakistan…

The only thing that comes to my mind while watching any news regarding him on TV- specially when he’s out of country having ‘important’ meetings around the world.. begging for aid, is;

bhar de jhooli meri ya….

wonder when he’d stop begging and I still wonder where that money would go… Ever wondered where the money from the ‘President Relief Fund’ would go? I mean haven’t we experienced the billion dollars being somehow vanishing from under our noses that was collected for the Earthquake victims. Bechare people still livving in makeshift tents even when it’s snowing and below zero degree. And all of us have already seen how the smiling President and his wife hoarded up money in swiss banks! Now the hubby would have all the money to himself…

‘hum k iss ehed mein jeenay ka guman rakhte hain
Chasme hairaan ki zubaan mun mein kahan rakhte hain


2 thoughts on “Bhar De Jholi”

  1. lol… probably no other country has ‘beggars’ that are the richest in the entire nation…

    I wonder how much of his own wealth has Mr President put in his own begging bowl… A buck or so? Not even that…? Ah, No wonder! =)

  2. To put his own money in the bowl?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! that would mean that he’d have to TAKE MONEY OUT OF HIS POCKETS!!! and he wouldn’t risk that.. trust me..

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