I look at my email inbox and I sigh. One of our teachers have emailed the whole class and asked them to let her know of the courses they wish to go for in the next semester, which is starting from the 16th of July. Everyone’s replying back. Everyone except for me. I have this sudden urge of replying back but…

A couple of days back, when I went to KU to get clearance from different places, my friends kept talking about the courses in the next semester, I know they were not trying to be mean or anything, but it just hit me thatI wont be going back . I love this place with its eccentricities, faults and roughness, because this place holds some of the gems of our country. *sigh*

But… I have something FAR more important to do! (it’s a secret! until it’s confirmed, but i know the niyat (intention) counts!!!)


5 thoughts on “Life

  1. You know what, Asma, that’s the secret of life… Allah has different plans for everyone. You are one of those lucky people who have found smoothness in life after a few bumps. Everyone is not that lucky 🙂 they might be lucky in other ways but roughness becomes a part of their lives and they HAVE to live with it without even knowing when would they be put on the road that is smooth enough to walk on. Believe me, dear, you will have a great life ahead. A life full of purpose and responsibilities far greater than those of doing a research project or choosing a subject…

  2. Naeema, the roughness never goes away. I guess Allah Ta’ala tests us in different ways because He has different plans for us… to make us ready for those plans. And Always remember that Allah says in the Quran that there is ease and comfort after every difficulty. May Allah guide us and keep us on the straight path and may He keep us from the difficulties and hardships of Hearafter.Ameen

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