To My Brother

My brother’s out of town and I am missing him like anything. So I just decided to write something about him here, though nothing can ever do justice to him. If he is ever going to read this, he’d deny everything. He’s too humble to accept all that. It’s not that I don’t have other brothers as well, he’s different from others…

“Bhai, I need a pencil, eraser and a pen…”
“Bhai, I need MILO…”
“Beta, paan ka samaan le ana”
You must have guessed by now. He does all our outdoor works! And he does it without ever frowning, making faces or saying that he wont do it. MashAllah. I have never seen anyone in my family or otherwise who’d actually make around 3 to 4 rounds of the market because every time my mother used to forget something or the other.

He loves to go out and take us out with him. So almost every week we just go out without making any plans or anything. Or whenever me or my sister or my mother wants to go out, all of us just go out, we eat something or just a long drive and ice cream on the way. Most of the time it is his treat! The best part is when he is begging my mum for Nandos… I mean he is behind the wheels, and he can take us wherever he feels like eating but he ALWAYS asks all of us and my mum and we never go anywhere without our mother’s consent, so all of us eventually end up begging our mum for Nandos! And he mashAllah se in a very good mood… always! And the long drives are never boring whenever we’re travelling with him.

Not only that, wherever we want to go, for example, to a friend’s place, to a wedding, any dawat or anything, he never EVER EVER says no to us. MashAllah. Bechara never lets us down, always makes an effort to fulfil our obligations.

He’s a very responsible person, he gets out of his way just so that we have our way. We rely on him for everything. Even though this post might make him seem a bit too slavish to us sisters and our mum, but he never does anything to make us feel that we’re driving him nuts. And “Thank you” is the last thing he wants to hear from us. He beleives that it is his duty to do eveyrhting that he does for his mother and his sisters. For many people it would be like why can’t we just be independent and all but seriously, being fundamentalists, things are a  little different and we feel safe and secure with him around us and he taking us all around the city.

Anyway, since he doesn’t read this blog, he doesn’t know I’m writing about him and actually telling the world that my brother is the BEST BROTHER in the world! He’s too humble to accept that. It’s a good thing he’s not reading this right now!!! So, last but not the least, May Allah keep him on the right path and always keep him the way he is. Ameen.Aur sab ko aisa bhai de. Ameen.


8 thoughts on “To My Brother”

  1. MashAllah, very few people like that i have met or heard about may Allah SWT give him Jazai Khair and the best in this world and in the Akhira

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