” Tu bacha bacha ke na rakh isay keh ye aa’ina hai woh aa’ina
Jo shikasta ho tu azeez tar hai nigaah-e-aina-saaz mein”


Life Is But Temporary

Death is an ultimate Truth. Everyone dies. Everyone of us will die. So this life, these hardships, these luxuries are but for sometime. The only thing that will benefit us in the long run is our A’maal. Life’s too short to be thinking that we can do one wrong thing today and then repent the next day. What if (Allah na kare) we die in disobedience… Time of death is not certain, we don’t know if we’d be able to wake up tomorrow or not so why do something to displease Allah before I sleep. The realization of death keeps the person alive to whatever he is doing and he judges it accordingly.

Most of us, even me, myself and I, when come to know about the Sunnah of the Prophet, think that we can start doing it tomorrow or whenever there is time. Is there ever going to be time? We are not ever sure of that. I’m writing this because I myself has experienced it recently . I want to do it and then I become lazy. But Alhamdolillah Allah has given me Taufeeq of doing it when surely I am not capable of it. The High Power of Allah is revealed in the slightest of our works,e.g. when praying it is Allah’s blessing that we remember Quran and we are able to recite it from our memory. He can take it away anytime. We fail to thank Him for soo many blessings that we never think of them as blessings, we take them for granted. As the month of Ramadan has started, most of us try to make the most of it. But fortunately or unfortunately we think that the only Ibaadah is Salah, prayers and reading the Holy Quran, but when we submit to Allah Ta’ala and try to seek His pleasure via every action, our every action even the worldly action becomes forms of Ibaadah. If I sleep with the niyat that I will rest so that I’d be able to pray with more concentration, then that sleep becomes an Ibaadah. It was a simple example but we can apply it to everything even our professions. Life’s too short to waste over futile things. May Allah give us the Taufeeq of making all our actions forms of Ibaadah.Ameen.

It’s the month of Ramadan. And we don’t know if we’d be able to make it to next Ramadan. The Holy Prophet SAW used to wake his family memebers in Ramadan at Tahajjud so that they don’t waste precious time of Ramadan. Remember it’s the month when all our sins are forgiven if we ask for it. It contains the night in which if you pray that would be equal to a thousand months. It’s the month when Satan is chained and we have one enemy less to stand up to. May Allah give strength to our Imaan and may He shower His choisest blessings upon us all. May we make the most of this month and may Allah forgive our sins and answer our prayers. Ameen. May the habits we adopt this month remain with us for the rest of the year. Ameeen.

The Idea of Pakistan

Earlier this year, one of the departments of Karachi University arranged a conference on Iqbal. Having done my Masters thesis in the same area, we (me and my friends) were asked to write papers for that conference. Though the pressure of the second masters and time restrictions, we were  able to write those papers but we did write abstracts and submitted those for it. Our professor played a crucial role in developing those ideas and giving us the directions as to how we should go about it. Anyway, I am thinking of resuming work on the abstract but I haven’t started it yet.

As the conference was directed towards the creation of Pakistan, all of us tried to work in some area or the other. And I based my research on structuralist perspective I tired to connect the idea of Pakistan with the concepts of Millat, Ummah, Qaum and Watan as Iqbal has used them in his poetry e.g.

Apni millat par qayas aqwame Maghrib ko na kar
Khas hai tarkeeb mein qaum-e- Rasule Hashmi

Where he talks about nation he takes it back to the foundations of Islam and if thinking globall, his poetry points towards brotherhood and the idea of nationhood beyond borders. All Muslims being united under one banner of Islam. e.g.

Eik hoon Muslim haram ki pasbani k liye
Neel ke saahil se le ker tabakhaak-e-kaashghar

Anyway, now that everyone is trying to talk about Islam and brotherhood in a totally new sense and having a new semantic field around it, everyone interprets and gives their own meaning to it. The post-modern World giving liberty to everyone to interpret and say whatever they want to say about Islam, religion, the idea of nationhood and the idea Pakistan. Oh! PLEASE! Wake up!!!!

Anyway, the other day all channels were playing all those patriotic song and I, who’s not in touch with the latest music scene, was being informed by my mamoon about a certain song which is supposed to be for Pakistan but actually the last line of the song says,” Pepsi se hai zamana”, I mean have we fallen to this level that even the national songs are hijacked by the stupid giants! I mean have a life! Forget the songs… Are singing these songs is the only way of showing that we love Pakistan and that we’ve done a great deal for Pakistan. Think beyond that…

It’s high time to not take 14th august for granted to get to the streets and getting killed while driving like a nerd or firing or with fireworks. Dozens get killed or are injured because of those stray bullets you fire justifying it by saying that we want to celebrate and enjoy. ?Millions spent on those fireworks which explode like anything, without caring that people in the beighbourhood might be sick or old and frail. Why can’t we donate that much money that we spent on fireworks to the Swat victims. Why still haven’t we learnt to chanelize our resources in a better way. Why not go and help those in need on the day when we were liberated and we formed a new Muslim state. Show care for those in need, for our neighbours and the whole Muslim Ummah. Unite under the flag of Pakistan and not divide ourselves for the development of Pakistan. Let’s revisit the idea of Pakistan in it’s true sense and make it an example for others to follow.

Is It Mine?!

I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing things. Anyway here’s what it went like;

R.: You know when you give life, you actually give your own life because after that you don’t live for yourself. You give away your life in bringing up your kids.

Me: Well.. I think when you sign those papers, that’s when you give your life! hahaha

Apart from the joke, i justkept on thinking on those lines. So when is it really my life? When I am a kid when I don’t know right from wrong or when I’m old enough and I don’t just don’t live for myself but for others. And then you get married and have kids… So when is life actually your life? Quite a question.. hunh?

I kept thinking and I remembered so many things in that I’ve heard from my elders. I remember even posting it here as well, that when you love someone, the other becomes so important that you don’t exist anymore for your own self. When you love someone, you submit! Though at an early age we don’t understand it but when you grow older and you start making sacrifices for your mum or dad or sisters or brothers, that’s how you know that their happiness is what would make you happy rather than just being happy for yourself. Same goes with all other things.

And this whole conversation with my friend, which wasn’t supposed to be this serious, took me somewhere else as well. The purpose of my existence. Submission to a my Creator. How am I supposed to live my life? One of our professors used to say that it’s so easy to say,”follow your heart” like in those Indian movies. And he used to say that you can only follow your heart if you have a very sound heart. A very sound heart?! Now what’s that. A person who has completely submitted to Allah! So, you and I?! Oh God! I am no way near anything like that. ( May Allah guide us and give us taufeeq. Ameen). One of our teachers used to ask us, that do you think that human beings are capable of having wholistic knowledge about the whole world, from human nature to what’s hidden from the naked eye to whatever that is between heaven and earth.? The answer is, no. We are humans. Like Naeema has posted on her blog that Western epistimology is based on doubt.  Doesn’t that make every discovery more doubtful than the previous one.  Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that human beings are bound to make mistakes because they are not perfect. So when Allah Ta’ala has sent us down the perfect way of living our lives why should we go to West or other researches to see how should we live it. I mean life’s too short for a trial and error game. Why not follow what is eventually the Truth. Back to where I started ( I drift alot), my life is never my life. I can only live a peaceful life by fulfilling the rights of Allah who has given me this life.  And I can only do that by completely submitting to Him. He’s there to forgive my short comings but atleast try to follow the the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in every walkof life. May Allah give us the taufeeq for doing so. Ameen.

Writer’s Block

I’ve been trying to write something down here for a while, but somehow I don’t seem to get any words to jot down here. Being in the department we’ve heard so many things about writer’s block i.e. when the writer just can’t write, it’s actually a mental condition I think. So, the writer’s block is kind of well known but we on the other hand discovered something too which is the reader’s block. If there’s actually something like that. Anyway, it’s not just that I can’t write, I can’t bring myself to read too… I mean I’ve been trying to read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and I just can’t make myself to sit and read the whole thing. I just procrastinate. Can someone please shake me up really hard so that I can actually get down to doign something. Physical exaustion does hamper mental capabilities or in some people it provides them with a trigger. My mind just keeps on thinking and thinking so various things even when I’m doing some laborious job that even when I am done with that, I’m as much mentally exhuasted and I can’t write or read… All I can think of is sleep.

Why am I writing all this.. seriously I need a break! but from what? I don’t know yet! Life is soo much more complicated than a box of chocolates… hah! *sigh*