I’ve been trying to write something down here for a while, but somehow I don’t seem to get any words to jot down here. Being in the department we’ve heard so many things about writer’s block i.e. when the writer just can’t write, it’s actually a mental condition I think. So, the writer’s block is kind of well known but we on the other hand discovered something too which is the reader’s block. If there’s actually something like that. Anyway, it’s not just that I can’t write, I can’t bring myself to read too… I mean I’ve been trying to read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and I just can’t make myself to sit and read the whole thing. I just procrastinate. Can someone please shake me up really hard so that I can actually get down to doign something. Physical exaustion does hamper mental capabilities or in some people it provides them with a trigger. My mind just keeps on thinking and thinking so various things even when I’m doing some laborious job that even when I am done with that, I’m as much mentally exhuasted and I can’t write or read… All I can think of is sleep.

Why am I writing all this.. seriously I need a break! but from what? I don’t know yet! Life is soo much more complicated than a box of chocolates… hah! *sigh*