Is It Mine?!

I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing things. Anyway here’s what it went like;

R.: You know when you give life, you actually give your own life because after that you don’t live for yourself. You give away your life in bringing up your kids.

Me: Well.. I think when you sign those papers, that’s when you give your life! hahaha

Apart from the joke, i justkept on thinking on those lines. So when is it really my life? When I am a kid when I don’t know right from wrong or when I’m old enough and I don’t just don’t live for myself but for others. And then you get married and have kids… So when is life actually your life? Quite a question.. hunh?

I kept thinking and I remembered so many things in that I’ve heard from my elders. I remember even posting it here as well, that when you love someone, the other becomes so important that you don’t exist anymore for your own self. When you love someone, you submit! Though at an early age we don’t understand it but when you grow older and you start making sacrifices for your mum or dad or sisters or brothers, that’s how you know that their happiness is what would make you happy rather than just being happy for yourself. Same goes with all other things.

And this whole conversation with my friend, which wasn’t supposed to be this serious, took me somewhere else as well. The purpose of my existence. Submission to a my Creator. How am I supposed to live my life? One of our professors used to say that it’s so easy to say,”follow your heart” like in those Indian movies. And he used to say that you can only follow your heart if you have a very sound heart. A very sound heart?! Now what’s that. A person who has completely submitted to Allah! So, you and I?! Oh God! I am no way near anything like that. ( May Allah guide us and give us taufeeq. Ameen). One of our teachers used to ask us, that do you think that human beings are capable of having wholistic knowledge about the whole world, from human nature to what’s hidden from the naked eye to whatever that is between heaven and earth.? The answer is, no. We are humans. Like Naeema has posted on her blog that Western epistimology is based on doubt.  Doesn’t that make every discovery more doubtful than the previous one.  Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that human beings are bound to make mistakes because they are not perfect. So when Allah Ta’ala has sent us down the perfect way of living our lives why should we go to West or other researches to see how should we live it. I mean life’s too short for a trial and error game. Why not follow what is eventually the Truth. Back to where I started ( I drift alot), my life is never my life. I can only live a peaceful life by fulfilling the rights of Allah who has given me this life.  And I can only do that by completely submitting to Him. He’s there to forgive my short comings but atleast try to follow the the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in every walkof life. May Allah give us the taufeeq for doing so. Ameen.


2 thoughts on “Is It Mine?!”

  1. Ameen to your prayers. Actually, what I think our problem is, we know what we have to do, what we have been sent for, but still don’t do it. And I think this realization is the least we should have within ourselves. May Allah guide us to the straight path. Ameen

  2. Yes, you’re right, Haris. Only after realization can we go towards the next step. Without realization we stand nowhere… And Ameen to your prayers as well.

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