Life Is But Temporary

Death is an ultimate Truth. Everyone dies. Everyone of us will die. So this life, these hardships, these luxuries are but for sometime. The only thing that will benefit us in the long run is our A’maal. Life’s too short to be thinking that we can do one wrong thing today and then repent the next day. What if (Allah na kare) we die in disobedience… Time of death is not certain, we don’t know if we’d be able to wake up tomorrow or not so why do something to displease Allah before I sleep. The realization of death keeps the person alive to whatever he is doing and he judges it accordingly.

Most of us, even me, myself and I, when come to know about the Sunnah of the Prophet, think that we can start doing it tomorrow or whenever there is time. Is there ever going to be time? We are not ever sure of that. I’m writing this because I myself has experienced it recently . I want to do it and then I become lazy. But Alhamdolillah Allah has given me Taufeeq of doing it when surely I am not capable of it. The High Power of Allah is revealed in the slightest of our works,e.g. when praying it is Allah’s blessing that we remember Quran and we are able to recite it from our memory. He can take it away anytime. We fail to thank Him for soo many blessings that we never think of them as blessings, we take them for granted. As the month of Ramadan has started, most of us try to make the most of it. But fortunately or unfortunately we think that the only Ibaadah is Salah, prayers and reading the Holy Quran, but when we submit to Allah Ta’ala and try to seek His pleasure via every action, our every action even the worldly action becomes forms of Ibaadah. If I sleep with the niyat that I will rest so that I’d be able to pray with more concentration, then that sleep becomes an Ibaadah. It was a simple example but we can apply it to everything even our professions. Life’s too short to waste over futile things. May Allah give us the Taufeeq of making all our actions forms of Ibaadah.Ameen.

It’s the month of Ramadan. And we don’t know if we’d be able to make it to next Ramadan. The Holy Prophet SAW used to wake his family memebers in Ramadan at Tahajjud so that they don’t waste precious time of Ramadan. Remember it’s the month when all our sins are forgiven if we ask for it. It contains the night in which if you pray that would be equal to a thousand months. It’s the month when Satan is chained and we have one enemy less to stand up to. May Allah give strength to our Imaan and may He shower His choisest blessings upon us all. May we make the most of this month and may Allah forgive our sins and answer our prayers. Ameen. May the habits we adopt this month remain with us for the rest of the year. Ameeen.


5 thoughts on “Life Is But Temporary

  1. Ameen to the duas. You’re so right, we almost always think that it is us doing things, but actually it is Allah SWT making us do things. That small example of recalling Quran from our memory, what if Allah takes our memory today. These small examples really make you ponder over things that we take for granted…

    And Satan being chained in the month of Ramadan, we dont have one less enemy, I’d say we have no enemies at all. Satan is THE ONLY enemy we have.

    This is a very nice post indeed. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. Ameen.

  2. Haris, we have one less enemy to stand up to. Because we still have our Nafs, the same nafs that made Satan what he is today. It’s time we tame our nafs! We have to fight against the temptations, temptations from our environment and people around us. MAy Allah give us the strength to fight them all. Ameen.

  3. You’re right, but what I meant was, who misguides you (and your nafs), who pushes you on to the wrong path. It is Satan. Temptations from our environment are created by Satan aren’t they? And Ameen to your prayers. May Allah guide us to Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. Ameen

  4. Truly put.
    The triviality of the materialist itself testifies to a grander reality otherwise – one which we often neglect. Only once we grasp that reality can we succeed in this existence and the next.

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