It’s a Post Modern World!

Beware! For it’s a post modern world. Everyone has the right to say anything they want to say about anyone without being ever convicted of falsehood, lying, cheating or deciet. And why am I saying this. Today, since the boundaries have been blurred, the history is not history anymore. You can never even trust a historian for that historian has broadened his horizons into fiction as well. What is history? Another man’s perspective of things?! Perhaps.

Today, the historical fiction has given the writers a license to write about the historical figures but they can make up events of their lives, add spice to it and make a warrior a thief and a thief a warrior, a good man a cheat and a murderer someone who’s an angel. One of the things that I would like to share here and I’m sure N.A. would be able to tell you better because she’s read more on it is, the fact that the religious figures of the Muslim world are a target for these kinds of writings now. The “fiction” written on Mauvlana Rumi is one of the most popular in the western world.The things that are written in the name of historical fiction might as well be characterized as blasphemous most of the time. People, in general, believe those events to be true and people write about them as a sacred duty they are doing to the world by showing the “true” picture of things. And if criticized, they call their work fiction. So they are like black shadow army of US who’ll are not accountable for the lies they write because it’s a mesh between reality and fiction.

And though internet is considered to be a source of information, containing information about anything and everything. And ANYONE can write, desseminate or publish ANYTHING and without being accountable for it. I mean everyone of us must have seen those blasphemous websites about Islam, Quran and twisted Islamic interpretation. And there’s no stopping them. Everyone has a lisence. People make fun of everything even things like religion without being accountable of it. Without even being ever known. I wonder what’s the next stage of that.

I am writing all this because most of us have left books and we rely mostly on the internet for information. The information that we seek on our laps, is most of the time is unreliable. We have information which is authentic but at the same time there’s a bombardment of information which is not! So how to access that authentic information, now that’s one hell of a job.

It’s a post modern world. The boundaried have blurred and you don’t see things in clarity. That’s one of the menace of this post-modern world. So even when one’s concerned with the news, well.. you can’t know fact from fiction most of the time. So we should always pray to Allah, “Oh Lord! Show us things as they are in themselves.” Ameen.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Post Modern World!

  1. Thats a nicely written post. Everything has its own plus and minuses. Now that everyone can write whatever they want, we get to have a whole lot of useful information as well as information that is not correct, but as you said, who’s there to tell us whats right and whats wrong? Who’s accountable to publish wrong information?

    This brings me to one question. You must have noticed several times that people ask you not to visit some ABC site as it is against Islam and it has misguiding information. Do you think this information (of the existence of such a wrong site) should be propagated? Don’t you think ignoring such a site and not giving that site a visit will be more beneficial? In fact Don’t you think not spreading the word about such a site is even more beneficial?

  2. Great post, as always, Asma.
    Nowadays, I am thinking about how to deal with this issue in a scholarly manner without being, as sir iftikhar always says, ‘sanguine’ 🙂 And believe it is very very difficult. On what grounds to actually put a limit to the license they have so blatantly taken…
    And I personally feel that even more beneficial than books are the people from whom the Truth is passed down on to us… 🙂 Hope you’d agree…

  3. @Haris: Well.. atleast one should know that all kinds of stuff i.e. right or wrong is being published on the internet, so that when they are looking for information or when they are accessing any other thing, they themselves should be very careful as to if these people who have made this website reliable or not. But most of the time people don’t really care or they really don’t know. And I’d agree with Naeema’s comment that yes, people are more beneficial than books from whom Truth is passed down to us.

    @Naeema: Don’t worry. I know you’ve started handling the matter more subtly.. Remember your how you got all emotional during your masters in lit. but then u did produce the paper in a more scholarly manner without being “sanguine”. hai na.

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