The Fort

I have been busy with other things lately and didn’t get a chance to either dwell into the politics of Pakistan for some time. But something happened last night which has forced me to write something down here. And the very image burns in my mind and has an unsettling effect on me. The future seems… BLEAK!

A lot has been written about it I am sure but surely I would want to add my contribution to it or rather have a catharsis over it here and now. Last night, we planned to go for a drive. So, landing on the other side of the Lyari Expressway, then towards Boat Basin, we came across The Fort. Well lit area, well built fort, luxury apartments, high walls… you know what I’m talking about… The New US Embassy in Karachi! There’s something really disturbing about it the very presence of this city within a city. It is not just a land grabbed by the US, it’s more than that. The high walls, the fort, the security measures, everything about it is a question that the government fails to answer. The ordinary people, do they even know what is going to happen when they actually start operating on a full scale?! Why is there a need to build a fort when they have an embassy in Islamabad and in Karachi too (near Frere Hall). Maybe the bombing near it was a sham so that they can get a better, much bigger place. Are they planning something on a bigger scale, I mean blackwater’s head office in Peshawar, right? Then an embassy in Islamabad (I’m sure they have a network of balckwater there too.) Then MQM’s own police in Karachi working with the blackwater network in Karachi. The target killings of Professors in Baluchistan. Universities being closed down. School children having ID cards which are to be checked at entrance. Suicide bombings one after another killing hundreds of people. Media and the Government has put on a perfect show of embedding in the minds of people that Taliban are terrorists. And a more perfect job at disillusioning the whole idea of Jihad. People have doubts about it now. Astaghfirullah!

Though my reading is very limited and my understanding way too limited… but everything that is happening around, nothing seems to be going in the right direction. Last Sunday or a Sunday before that, a person wrote in favour of Kerry Lugar Bill. And the points that he raised were soo childish, I doubted his mental condition. Here is the link to that letter to the editor. The person is a former Ambassador. I doubt his critical thinking ability. I even doubt his qualifications. I mean how can you even think these to be solid pointers to actually endorse it! OH! GOD! This country is in the hands of people who have such slavish mentality and thinking that they cannot even think for themselves, they not only use the language of the “colonials”, they even say what they feed to them. Are we back to the times when subcontinent was being colonized by the English?

How can one be so blind to all this. Or maybe the general public is soo engrossed in the day to day earning of bread and butter, but the representatives of these people seem to be so slavish that they fail to realise their responsibilities towards their nation, their people, to their own very soul. Those high officials themselves have sold themselves to the benefits of the West that they turn a blind eye to their own very soil and let it slowly bleed to death. It’s high time that we should wake up and not put our trust in those leaders who have not failed us just once but everytime they came to power. This is the limit. We cannot just let them drag us to hell, the limbo of being governed by the US. And I highly doubt that there’s any difference between Hitler and Obama or any other leader or a person who supports US policies.



2 thoughts on “The Fort

  1. Thats a very relevant point raised, and its really great that you observed and took a step to mention this to the world. but this leads to some questions as well. You say that it is high time we should wake up and not put our trust in these leaders. Do you really think we have put trust in these leaders? I seriously doubt. Though I maybe wrong, but I seriously doubt its us who brought these people in power. But maybe our quietness did. Maybe our sitting back at home did. Maybe it isn’t too late to stand up and do something now at least.

    Secondly, do you really think the person who wrote in favor of Kerry Lugar bill did it because he thought that way. I doubt that as well. As you said, a person would act childish if he’d say Kerry Lugar propositions are in favor of our country.

    And I totally agree when you say that Media and the Government has put on a perfect show of embedding in the minds of people that Taliban are terrorists. I just can’t agree more. Media has redefined terrorism in our minds exactly the way it wanted to. And who is actually running this media, we all know it don’t we? In fact I just wrote a post about what I observed recently, about the so-called war on terror and about being careful under what we’re going through…

    Anyways, it can’t really get sadder than what it is now :-(, but thats probably what we have to live with. Or may be not. I hope everything is ok at your end. Nice post (Y)…

  2. I totally agree with you Haris. It’s our doing that these leaders are where they are because we feel safe inside the four walls of our homes and think that nothing can happen to us. We deliberately live a delusional life and we defer the truth and reality that is right before us. We’ve sealed our minds and hearts to the reality that’s right in front of us.

    And I do agree that the person who has written in favor of the Kerry Lugar bill is not innocent or spoonfed… the person is deeper than that. and that’s sad šŸ˜¦

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