Can You Guess The Name?

A certain hospital in Karachi comes under the City District Government Authority. The Hospital had been having some problems since the current political party got hold of it several years ago.

Recently, there have been major incidents in the hospital which have not been reported on any television, as that would mean a bad name to the mayor and his political party. One of the incidents that I would like to mention here happened pretty recently.

There had been an accident. The person injured when brought to the hospital was in a very critical condition. The doctors in the trauma ward attended to him, tried their best but were not able to save him. The person was a political activist. As he had died while doctors were working on him, they came under fire. The moment the person was announced dead, the political activists, who had brought him to the hospital, called their fellow workers, and all of them attacked the doctors there claiming that they didn’t do their best. They asked about the head of the trauma center or the person incharge then. They brought down the door of his office, broke everything there. The Unit office was called and the hospital asked them to please control the situation. The Unit office sent two policemen against 60 anarchists! Of course they never came out of the car to meet the mob head on.

Anyway, this is not the only incident that has happened there. There have been alot of incidents of the same sort happening in that hospital. In Karachi you know who those politically active activists are who are always there to create havoc, chaos and distruction around the city.

Can you guess the name?


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