Something to ponder upon… Will we ever come out of this amid the situation in Pakistan where we need to unite, we just devise new ways to divide ourselves!


3 thoughts on “Hafta-e-Ajrak?!

  1. It may well have been a show of power of sorts. The message might have been – you remove us using NRO and we will show you the repurcussions in Sindh. By the topi drama, you fan linguistic and regional prejudices, mobilize people along provinical lines and use them for political purposes.
    By equating the NRO issue as Sindhi vs Punjabi, Zardari et al are playing politics. Use the topi day to try to highlight sindhi identity, slip in some racial hate speech and then later when NRO is disqualifed; instead of the focus being on corruption, pit Pakistani against Pakistani along regional lines. The corrupt politicans whether sindhi, punjabi or whatever, they all play such cards/tactics when it suits them. In this way, people are galvanized along regional/cultural pride/bias and so forth instead of looking at the root of problems. In this clever and underhanded way, the sindhi people will be forced to look at any attack on corrupt sindhi politicans as an attack on the sindhi people as a whole. The dirty politicans will simply fan hatred for their own ends by pointing to the sindhi people and saying, see I told you these punjabis or balochs or pathans or … don’t like us sindhis and won’t tolerate us being in power. Thus, they pit Pakistanis against each other only in the lust for power. The issue is not sindh; but for their own power, they are willing to divide and fan hatred so that they can get political mileage.

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