Final Act!

I have been experiencing the ‘reader’s block’ again, if there is such a thing. I managed to finish one book in ages. And that too with too many pauses, interruptions and all. The book was a gift from a friend and I believe the book has made clear so many connections of all the events going around that the picture that was once quite blurred, can be seen with much clarity now.

I just want to share one thing from the book. The book is called, “Dajjal: Kab? Kaise? Kahan?” It talks about the arrival of the anti Christ and how the stage has been almost set for his arrival. One of the things that Prophet used to say is that when he would come, people will not be able to recognize him  for the evil incarnate! There can be various reasons for that, and one that the author talks about is, because there would be soo much fitna (trials and afflictions) and war and death around that people would see him as the one who would save them from all such pains. Since the anti-christ would be ultimate epitome of hypocrisy, no one would see his real face. And if we see around ourselves, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, now Yemen, innocent people are dying, their property being burnt and their source of livelihood being perished away either by bombs, or be simply burning it away! You can see how everywhere people are going through some sort of crisis. Specially ones living in these areas above mentioned, no one knows when there’d be another blast or another drone attack and everything would just disappear before their own eyes in seconds. The lives of people are not even secured in their own houses, not even in the houses of Allah (SWT). There’s fire and death everywhere. The final stage being prepared! The stage is set rather! It’s a matter of time that the curtains would drop and what was promised would come forth! It’s high time we should realize that it’s not war against terror that the world is fighting, it’s the war against Muslims, and Islam. The President who waged war against Afghanistan called it a “crusade” and are we actually going to believe that it wasn’t in his subconscious and it just came out of nowhere!

Are we prepared to meet the challenges the future holds for us! Stop! Think! What can be done today to make us stand our ground in the future and not waver away from our faith and Iman. It’s a hadeeth of the Prophet that one would be safe from the evils of Dajjal if they memorize the first ten ayahs of Surah Al Kahaf. Some say the last ten ayahs of the same Surah. And it was the Sunnah of the Prophet to read the Surah every Friday!

There’s always hope even in the caves of darkness. Though the times ahead are evil but Allah and his Prophet has given us something which can save us from the severest of conditions. It’s just that we have to keep feeling for our brothers, keep helping them, keep ourselves in the company of pious people and keep ourselves as away from sins as we can. It’s high time we keep ourselves as close to the Book as we can, as close to the sunnahs of Prophet as we can, because there’s no other way which will give us the ticket to please our Lord and be rewarded by Him!

And always pray that, ” Oh Lord! show us things as they are in themselves! and Keep us on the Right Path and make us the supporters of haqq!” Ameen.


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