Prisoner 650

The long awaited judgment was passed and the daughter of the nation was put behind bars, yet again! There’s a limit to everything and there’s a limit to Zulm as well. There’s a limit to double standards and there’s limit to torture and abuse! HUH! The New world knows no limits when it comes to abducting people, abusing them and torturing them and then blaming them for something they haven’t done and then coming up with a “fine” jury and putting them in prison for life harassing them throughout!

Dr. Afia Siddiqui. Nation’s daughter. Abducted with her three children! One of them returned but the other two… there’s no sign of them. The Americans fail to provide justice to her because it would mean that her abduction altogether was unjust! Their ego would have been terribly wounded. The system would have been called flawed of which the Americans are so proud!

The facade of their so called honest and just judicial system has just been shattered to pieces. Dr. Afia was physically, mentally and sexually abused inside the American prison, Bagram in Afghanistan and then later was taken to America when much hue and cry was created about her whereabouts and her screams that were heard during her stay there. Prisoners used to say that even after when they were released her screams used to disturb them at night. The torture by American or Ishould say the coalition forces has been out there when the whole Abu Ghraib prison situation came out. The treatment with men was soo shameful, I wonder how these so called human right activists and these so called humane American policies would have worked their hands over when their animal instincts were unleashed on a frail women leaving her almost unrecognizable!

The question still remains… she went missing in Pakistan… who took her to Bagram? And please don’t give me the answers the stupid American lawyers keep blabbing about. Forget that… the most important question… where are her children? Are they even alive? The Americans, who are so proud of their history, their just treatment with women and children, where have they put her kids? The kind of torture she was subjected to, ain’t she human? or just because she is a Muslim, she can never be subjected to respectful treatment?! I remember how Yvonne Ridley accepted Islam, because the Taliban treated her with utmost respect and the Americans, though might have come to Afghanistan to liberate it from Taliban, could never even give a woman the respect she deserves! The American Judiciary has the motto that a person is innocent until proven guilty but the double standards that are kept for us Muslims, treated Afia Siddiqui as guilty until proven innocent!

The worst part is the government didn’t give a damn what happens to the Afia Siddqui case because it has been the puppy dog of America and can’t talk to them one on one! Musharraf, the person who handed her over to the authorities. Do we forget that there’s a reward for every deed we do? Handing her over, her torture, not doing anything for her, what will we answer when we’ll stand before Allah and what if He asks us that what have you done? Reminds me of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. when he was thrown in fire, a bird brought water in her beak to put it out. Angels or God ( I don’t remember) asked her that why is she doing it when she knows that it wont be able to put out the fire. She replied, “I’m doing whatever that I can.”

We, as Muslims, as Pakistanis, as students, teachers, writers, and in whatever field we are in, we can put in a little contribution. Even if it is just a drop of water in our beaks, just one speck. The Government, the people in power are too much worried about their own power games that they wont budge. It’s time we take initiatives of our own accord because it’s not going to come from somewhere else.

As I said in the beginning, there’s a limit to everything.But there isn’t a limit to the American torture and Jewish hatred for Muslims. The Muslims seem to have crossed their limits when it comes to dishonor and slavishness! But the situation we all are heading forward to… seems to be more going towards the end that we have always read about. There will be either fundamentalists or liberals. And the middle that we have seen for so many years is vanishing quickly. MAy Allah make us one of those who follow Haqq and are supporters of haqq . Ameen.


6 thoughts on “Prisoner 650”

  1. And what if all of us are held accountable for what happened to Dr Aafia? You know, the Afghan Taliban issued a statement today that they would kill the US soldiers in prison if Dr Aafia is not released. Imagine! And look at US! The fellow countrymen of Dr Aafia! Shame on our government. To what level are we going to stoop to further?

  2. You’re so right, Naeema. And I tend to agree with her sister, Dr. Fauzia. She said you stop the supply to NATO forces, they’ll come begging to you and would negotiate on your terms. But our government just wants to fill their own pockets and their big fat bank balances.

  3. I so agree with you on the point of dishonor and slavishness. We have brought ourselves to this point. We have made America feed us and now we are so dependent on America that we think we’ll die if we leave the US. As if we aren’t dying yet. We’re only dying much more miserably. Each one of us has a role to play. Dr. Aafia’s case should have been an eye opener for us. Or in fact there have been so many cases before this one that should have proved eye openers for us. Why in the first place was she handed over to the US. If she’s a a daughter of the nation, why didn’t the government took a stand back then. If they didn’t, why would they do now. As you said, the government just wants to fill their own pockets… It just can’t get any sadder…

  4. You’re right that if she’s a daughter of the nation, why didn’t the government take a stand.. humanbeings and human life has no respect now! We don’t feel anything when people die in blast or when they are tortured to us! We’ve detached ourselves so much from other people that we feel that everything is fine until i’m safe… lekin akhir kab tak!

  5. Unfortunately, we have been left un-educated, and so are our generations. The present un-educated lot of rulers and people have no idea about national or ethical values except money, money and money. We are destined to vote for them blindly as we do not know the difference. Masses need to be educated to protect our national image, uphold ethical values and hold every one in his place. To our rulers the offence of fake degrees means nothing, but for ghairatmand nations it is the worst. I doubt they will not blow up even for their daughters, what to speak of Dr. Afia, because the attitude of making money by hook or by crooks has made them …….., and we call such a person .D………. ( I am sorry I cannot write here just try to understand, Monh mein pan, dayen kandhe par romal aur haath mein cigarette).

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