Awam tu pagal hai

Last night my father was telling us what he heard in one of the dars-e-quran that morning. The story of Hazrat Yousuf (a.s). He had been in jail for the crime he did not commit so when he was called by the King of Egypt, he first demanded that investigate the crime for which I was sent in jail. Ask the women who cut their hands if I was a “khaa-in“. The Quran says that Hazrat Yousuf said that everyone should know that I was not the one who would commit “khayana“. And the Quran said he was called a “Siddique” by the people around him. “Saadiq” and “Ameen” were the names given to Prophet Muhammad by the people of Makkah because of his truthfulness and honesty. These were the characteristics that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala wanted in His Prophets to rule over the Muslim Ummah.

Today, we see a different scenario altogether. The people who are sitting in the parliament and on Presidential seat are actually not an inch closer to the standards which were set long time ago for us. I know Prophets are the best of men amongst us and we cannot come near them but Allah sent those Prophets down as examples for us to follow. The game of politics that we have seen and that we see everyday makes us realise how hypocritical these politicians are and how far they would go to work for their own interest and put the people of Pakistan in jeopardy! It seems as if the national interests have gone in background and their own interests are served best!

The new Afghan trade transit, the fake degrees, Hillary Clinton’s visit and etc. etc. just make us wonder if these people know what they are doing? Or do they think that we are actually animals who cannot think or understand?

The ideology has been put at risk by the leaders and other elements working against us! The economy being destroyed by the leaders! The society is being pushed into anarchy!

I know I’m talking in fractions… I can’t help it!

Democracy! my foot! Afghan transit trade being signed without the stupid parliament being even informed and this is what you call is democracy!?!? ha ha!

bus awam hi pagal hai!


3 thoughts on “Awam tu pagal hai”

  1. Actually, awam waqayi pagal hai :-(, thats because the majority of awam is illiterate, is under the influnce of feudal lords and is poor enough to be bought. Is liye the people on presidential and parliament seats think themselves as wise people…

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