Sab Se Pehle Pakistan?!

I started writing this before the party was launched. And recent interviews have proven the former chief of army a traitor. And yet he expects respect from the people of Pakistan! And still claims to be the upholder of “sab se pehle Pakistan” while exposing country’s secrets! He should be hanged till death but no.. that would be too short a punishment. I remember once praying that may he be in such pain that he’d pray for death and death wont come to him, but now I know Allah must have saved a great punishment for him as he still walks the earth with dyed hair!

The former President of Pakistan, who’s been living in UK for the past eight years, is planning to come back and wants to help the Pakistanis in dire need. Let’s just see what he did during his rule and see why would we want him back.

1. He sold Pakistani land to the Americans and till today they have been working on this land as if it’s their own. NATO gets its supplies through our land. Shame on us.

2. Drone attacks! He welcomed them taking no action.

3. Genocide! Killing of innocent students at Jamia Hafsa and claiming to have defeated the enemy!

4. He sold Pakistanis for dollars! (and this he himself acknowledged in his biography!) beghairti ki bhi inteha hai! I’m sorry for there is no other word for it!

5. To top it all, he made Abdul Qadeer Khan a viallian!

The list goes on and on…

Oh Allah! save us from people like him and Zardari and Sharif borthers and others who are here to sell off PAkistan!


3 thoughts on “Sab Se Pehle Pakistan?!”

  1. And our country is still alive Alhamdulillah and Masha-Allah, even after such politicians who’ve sold our land over and over again… There is definitely someone taking care of our pure land (Y)

  2. i know Allah is protecting it but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t move a muscle. Most of us don’t even bother to even voice out whatever that is going wrong and claiming that we are not political but living in this country how can you not?

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