It’s been a long time and I can’t find time to write anything. This post will also be about random things, if at one place I’ll be talking about east the next moment west will be the center of my attention. anyway…





The pack of red hot dry peppers that I have holds the caption : Red Peppers (Extra Hot) and the Urdu version says “garam surkh mirch”. PLEASE… “hot” is not always “garam”… Thinking of translation theory and how all of us think that everything can be translated as it is in one langguage. It’s not always correct. I remember someone asking me if the translated version of  “ghar kitna le jatay hain” is :take home how much… and I was going bonkers. Please always remember it is not necessary to use a foreign language when you are chatting away with friends or family. It’s better to use your own tongue. I know there are issues too in that but atleast you’d be writing your thoughts correctly and not something which the other person might not understand!




Wikileaks! What’s the big deal? Don’t we already know about all those things?! My husband watches all the political talk shows online and trust me while he was watching them showing all those politicians having a cat fight over this, I was thinking; is the general public mad or something for actually voting them to be the leaders of our country who cannot even hold a discussion without fighting! But then is it us who make them our leaders?




Hajj Corruption! Oh please! kuch tu rehne dete! The people in power make mistakes but some mistakes cost them their lives, their seats and their position in their country! It might as well be that this mistake would take this government down really bad!




MMA ki bahali? Well if that’s the case, then jamat-e-islami would be putting it’s hand inside the hole of the snake for the second time! And snakes just don’t make friends! They BITE! Hope this doesn’t happen!




Homeschooling: I know my baby is just four months old but still if I want to home-school him I’d have to prepare myself from now. I seriously need to email TZ for that! Anyway, the thing is the system being taught in our schools is not what we shoudl be teaching our kids being Muslims. We shouldn’t take dictation from the West as to how to teach my kid whatever that they want to teach him, or in what way would they want to teach him! I remember reading somewhere that Maulana Maududi has worked alot upon it and has written a book on it! I’d love to get my hands over it!

Even if I’d send my kid to some school, I would know what to do with him at home when he has returned from the institution!



Household chores and Dawood! I just have one baby right now and still my chores are never complete by the end of the day! I wonder how my mum did it with all of us!



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