I’m not going to go in much details but something struck me today and I want to post it here.

The following link is about the post which I wrote quite a few months back and one of the comments I received was, ” jo qaid ka ghaddar hai woh maut ka haqdar hai.” Click here for the link.

Just one question to all those Jialas of Qaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain: So that means that the love for Qaid exceeds your love for the Prophet (SAW). Because you consider death as a punishment for everyone who’s against Altaf Hussain, but you want to eliminate the law of tahaffuz-e-namoos-e-risalat?!


2 thoughts on “Namoos-e-Risaalat!

  1. Weird nation we are. We do not even have enough brains to make a comparison – not a far fetched one, but a one hand – the comparison between two women living in the same times and the attitude of our ‘hukkaam e baala’ towards them – aafia and aasia! They are going to go beyond limits to save one who has committed the blasphemous act (by the way, ever wondered how such unknown women like aasia and mukharan mai rise to fame and how the entire govt treats them as if they were the only women who have been subjected to the ‘worst form of injustice’), and would show complete lack of sympathy for a woman who was handed over to the CIA by the former general just because because the CIA ‘thought’ she had links with Al Qaeda

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