So all the media channels and their anchor persons have invited rightists and leftists on their forum just to discuss just one question : Kia ye quaid-e-azam ka Pakistan hai? What kind of state did he dream of? Extremist? or Secular?

I am just shocked to see people coming on television saying that Pakistan has nothing to do with Islam and Quaid-e-Azam never wanted a state where religion meddled with the state affairs! Oh! Puhleez! Why then ask for a separate state when they cannot implement the Word of Allah here!

I wont go into the debate but surely would quote Iqbal’s couplet here,

“jalaal-e-paadshahi ho ya jamhooree tamasha ho
judaa ho deen siyaasat se tu reh jaati hai changaizee”

And one more thing… We all think that we are free but are we really… and this reminds me of another couplet of Iqbal,

“mulla ko jo hai hind mein sajday ki ijazat
nadaan ye samajhta hai k islaam hai azaad”

So true, it its Pakistan completely, so even after being free for more than 60 years, we still are not free. Still there are people who think that women shouldn’t wear Burqa because they are a threat to the national security just because of one Bomb Blast! I mean what about the blasts carried out by men? They weren’t wearing Burqas so how can you just think it’s the solution.

The people who think are in power and who think that because they know English and can write in the language, they have all the knowledge, intellect and they are the most sanest beings, present quite stupid arguments! The solution to suicide attacks is not barring women from wearing a veil or men from keeping a beard! The problem lies somewhere else and I wonder why are people so blind to see that and just come up with stupid suggestions as that!

If a family is attacked by a drone, and there is only one survivor, do you think he or she would be thinking of welcoming UN and it’s food program? It’s so easy for UN to come in and say, hey! we have the food, this is the love that we have brought from so far away(not to mention that you have to pay for that stupid aid). Anyway, the point is these people who have lost their loved ones, families, homes via drone attacks are most likely to come under the influence of foreign mafia (Black Water, RAW, Mossad, CIA) and I’m 100 percent sure that they manipulate these locals by abusing and torturing them by killing their families and then using them against the locals so that they can put pressure on the government and destabilize the only Islamic country that has the nuclear weapons!

And who trusts that UN organization that is doing nothing when it comes to Muslim genocide, be it in Gaza, Iraq, Kashmir or Pakistan! And trust me it  has no power over US or Israel or India, or any other country that is involved in the killing of Muslims all over the world! We love UN!