“Watan ki fikar ker nadaan, museebat anay wali hai
Teri barbaadiyon k mashwaray hain aasmaanon mein
na samjho ge tu mit jaoge aye Pakistan* walo
Tumhari daastan bhi na hogi daastaanon mein”

The recent Davis episode made everyone’s pens moving with such fluidity that it seemed as if this was the moment everyone was waiting for to write something. My hubby said apart from all the humiliation and all, atleast we proved that Obama is a liar!

Anyway, the thing is this was the incident which could have triggered the spell of revolution in the common people, but unfortunately we are soo engrossed and busy in our little affairs that until and unless the fire wont engulf our own lives and houses, we wont even say a word. The Pakistani people would cram the streets, jam the traffic, dance on the roofs of their cars and kill people with “hawai” firing if Pakistan wins this world cup but they didn’t budge at this particular moment. They did, I’m sorry, they did make an effort and joined the virtual rallies on facebook, little do they know that clicking wont change a thing, they would need to do a little more than just that.

And then I was wondering, what’s happening around the world, the muslim world in particular. Chaos is everywhere. Little do the leaders know that only dialogue can bring some peace and change in Bahrain and not the Fauji operation. And Libya, They’d make it another Afghanistan. The UN is good for nothing organization, who trusts them? America? They all just went there to make the whole thing “legal”, but not considering the fact that when they fire missiles from the sea, it’s the common man that gets the most of the white phosphorus not the “legitimate” targets! The civilians, the women, the children all will be killed like they were brutally raped and killed in Afghanistan, and Iraq and all the Muslim World would do is just support the world on this because they can not do anything except this. This Muslim World is good for nothing because, it itself has considered America as their god and has left its people at the mercy of the West who would never accept them as human equal to them. They still think that it’s a white man’s burden to tame us into human beings from being cannibals.

Did Egypt revolution change anything for the Palestinians? Now that would be the perimeter by which we can judge how true the leadership is that has come upfront after the fall of Mr. Mubarak!

And last but not the least, I would like to talk about the army of my own country. How we used to love to sing for them and thought them soo brave. This Army can do nothing if there’s a foreign invasion. They can only fire missiles at their own innocent country men in the FATA region, the Swat region and the Waziristan region just because America thinks that there are terrorists there. Hello, what about the drones? Oh well, they are created in our country and attack our countrymen. Way to go Musharraf! Way to go Zardari! Such democracy that the common people even now have no voice and no say in anything that goes around in this country! Our army can only burn the innocent girls of jamia hafsa. And I’m sure they can only trample masajid with their boots and can do no further good!

Well done all…

*the real word here is “hindustan”