Why I Didn’t Want The Pakistani Team To Win

I wished and prayed with all my heart that Pakistan should win But there was this rational side of me which didn’t want the Pakistani Team to win today. And you might be wondering why… Well the answer is easy: the whole prediction business! I mean all the energy was consumed in calling all those astronomers and fortune tellers on the TV shows and the poor parrots dying because he predicted that Pakistan will win!

All I want to say is, I read this Hadeeth in Sahih Bukhari. I don’t have the book right now with me, or else I would have given the reference. When it rained before the battle of Badr, there were Muslims amoung the lines who said that such and such star appeared at such time that is why it rained, the Prophet (SAW) said that these people have committed shirk because they believed in the movements of stars as they did not say that it is Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala who sends down rain from the skies.

Many people would say that we don’t believe in such things but what is the harm in listening to all this or reading zodiac signs and stuff. The thing is when people get desperate and they cannot see a possible solution to their problems, then they fall prey to such things as these start to give them hope instead of Faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala. And not only that there are people out there who easily fall prey to such things as their eimaan is not that strong, if Pakistan would have won the match, all these people would have easily switched their eimaan and that be without even knowing that it is gone.

One other thing that was shocking to me was what I saw on the recorded programs today. One was that of Jawed Chaudhry, in which he was talking to all these fortune tellers as if they hold an important position in the whole affair. I mean I had respect for him earlier but now… The second program that was quite disturbing for a person like me was “har lamha Purjosh”. The infamous Dr. Liaqat Hussain was sitting on the same panel as that of the fortune tellers. Now this is something that one can call subliminal message being passed out on to the general public. Dr. Hussain’s presence there legitimatized the fortune telling business and the astronomy for a lot of people who have weak faith. And there is a huge viewership of Dr. Hussain, to all those people who follow him blindly, this message has been passed out onto them that it is okay to follow all these predictions, and the astronomy business. These are not mere coincidences that these programs were held and these fortune- telling- people were given so much importance in recent programs and shows.

This only shows how the media is playing with the faith and eimaan of the people. I do not watch these programs, it was a mere coincidence that my husband was watching them and I sat down to see what was happening, and this is what I was shocked to see. Many of you would say that whatever, we don’t believe it and all but there are kids, youngsters watching these programs, their minds are easy to mold, so this is alarming and shouldn’t be taken lightly!

But who am I kidding? If our media was soo responsible, it wouldn’t have promoted all the bad things in our society!


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