More than 80 killed in the last four days…

The most shocking thing is, that they are using grenades, rockets and bombs… it’s a city for God’s sake!




4 thoughts on “More than 80 killed in the last four days…”

  1. We, as a nation, have gone crazy! Killing each other as if the one killed was ought to be killed and the one killing is rightfully doing so! And just wait and watch, after a short while we will be forced into digesting the ‘news’ telling us that ALL the killers are the Talibaan that we need to rid this country of. I wish someone could rid of these RULERS imposed on us by our very own deeds…

  2. Seriously, it’s just sooo sad that only innocent people get killed in all this mess and the politicians just do it to show how powerful they are. And I wonder all these political workers, are they blind or something that they fail to see who is using them.

  3. no madam i don’t think that they are blind in the sense of words literal meaning, but they surely are blind of the eye of their conscientiousness. they are not doing it without any personal gains , infact they are paid in heavy sums to do so. but i think that they are not as much responsible as we are. they are bunch of trigger happy self serving devils in the cloak of humanity, i agree to this but the responsibility falls on us too. we who are able to do something are not doing anything. come on take the streets with a storm.stop pretending that we are not a part of this country. show our as a respectable nation.this millat has produced not only zardaris and mir jaffar and mir sadiq but this creed has also produced tipu sultans, quaid-e-azam muhammad ali jinnah,sir allama muhammad iqbal,Dr qadeer. what do we lack in.just a will power to let the world realize that we still breth and we will as a respectable nation not some outcasts of the international community, who dont have any say in the international affairs and even in their own national affairs.lets do something . please just dont use the power of words, try to do something.and plz dont get me wrong i am not accusing any body.
    pakistan zindabad.

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