” Thus language does have a definite  and stable oral tradition that is independent of writing, but the influence of the writing prevents our seeing this”

– Ferdinand De Saussure in Course in General Linguistics

While reading the book today, I came across this. And it reminded me of the time when we were doing Literary Theory and Criticism Course. It was Plato in his dialogue Phaedrus discussed this whole issue of writing versus the oral tradition. And the teacher who was teaching us at tthat time said how in our tradition, we still hold oral tradition supreme. “Hamaray haan rivayat seena ba seena chalti hai.”

Even today, in Medrassahs, the Sheikh Al Hadeeth, when teaches hadiths in class he  tells the students that I’ve listened it from my teacher (stating the name), and he listened it from his teacher, and traces it back to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. SubhanAllah!