The Great Debate

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It has been a long time since I lifted the pen and wrote something. But this time around I had this uneasiness inside me that I thought needed to get out of my system, in order for me to think clearly . Anyway, the recent turn of events has raised a lot of questions on the authenticity of the title of shaheed and the context it has been used in. I do not know what will the turnout be of the whole debate as the liberals are trying to prove that the particular political party is talibanized. The army men and their families are angry for not being called patriotic and their dead been shunned the title of shaheed. The question still remains that should Munawwar Hassan be that bold in this sensitive issue.

Anyway, I am not going to dwell on what one should have said or not. But I would like to go back to where it all came from: September 11 and the aftermaths. When US claimed that the hijackers were followers of Osama Bin Laden, and they refused to try him in a court and decided to wage a Crusade (according to Bush) on Afghanistan. When Mushy got his hands dirty with Bushy, the whole country divided on the stance whether to let them use our air base to kill our own Muslim brothers. Mushy didn’t wait for the people to decide as he had already sold his soul to Collin Powell over just a phone call. So when you decide that your army is going to “help” the Crusaders, you choose a side. Anyway, then came the whole operation on FATA and Waziristan just because US couldn’t get enough of blood on its hands. I am going back in time because without the whole picture, you cannot analyze today’s scenario. So when we say its our war, we need to see it in this perspective and realize that it never was ours, it was a burden a dictator took just to keep his pockets full. And all these years, the so-called free media had bombarded the people with so much confusion that they had forgotten that suicide bombings (Hakimullah Mehsud and his likes) were a product of the bombs that our own army has been dropping on our innocent civilians for the past decade. We haven’t had these problems before 9/11. These come with the love that US and Pakistan Army with the collaboration of Pakistani political government has been showering on the people of Pakistan!

jang tu khud eik mas’ala hai
jang kia maslon ka hal degi
aag aur khoon aaj degi
bhook aur ehtiaaj kal degi”

This is exactly what we are going through right now as a country. And when we think of the whole scenario, don’t we realize that when we kill our own Muslim brothers just because the US believed that they killed thousands on september 11 (they never gave Osama or others a trial to have proven their beliefs), is right or wrong? The one comment of Munawwar Hassan has cleared the dust that had been accumulated on this issue for such a long time. I am not siding with him, but what will you call the Muslim, who dies fighting the war of nasara killing his own Muslim brothers?

Election Pakistan 2013

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The most anticipated event of this year were the elections that were to be held in Pakistan for the formation of the new government. Last five years were hell for all Pakistanis and today was the day when they thought that they will bring about the change in this system. 

Today, Karachiites were heart broken (including myself) as the only party that had the courage to stand up to the atrocities of MQM boycotted the election. Yes, I am talking about Jamat-e-Islami because ANP and PPP have always formed an alliance with MQM. The rigging and the manhandling of staff and most of all, there are two polling stations in Karachi where people have been standing since morning and no one is there. So polling has not yet started! 

The worst part is that Supreme Court ordered checking of voters’ list in Karachi under Army, Pakistan Army didn’t do anything. Even today Election Commission of Pakistan has turned a blind eye over the rigging and complaints and moreover Army is nowhere to be seen. In a city like Karachi where people have been abducted, mass rigging is going on, female presiding officers are manhandled and candidates have been murdered by MQM, Army decided to stand on the sidelines and thought the show must go on without them interrupting anything. Well done Kiyani! Well done Pakistani Army! We are so proud of you! You always have the best interest of Pakistani people at heart! It’s high time that the people of Karachi should stand up to these stupid MQM people, who are crying out loud that it is them who were manhandled and their people who were not allowed to cast votes whereas, the whole city is crying out that they are forcing us to vote for KITE at gunpoint! 

I’m soo heart broken, so sad, and on the verge of tears that MQM is going to get majority seats again! This city will go through hell again and this time around I don’t think that we’ll be able to tolerate it! We’ll go bonkers if we have not already gone bonkers! 


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My husband was looking at his late uncle’s photo with Khursheed Ahmed (as they worked in the same office), so I asked him,” Was your uncle a Jamaati?”
He replied, “No! He was a deobandi!”

LOL! Seriously! I mean I continued to stare at him in utter bewilderment and could not actually comprehend what he was saying. And he carried on doing whatever he was doing without noticing that I had stopped in my tracks and am standing there trying to understand what he just said.


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Another End! Another beginning! What we have left behind and what is it that we’ll be facing… *sigh*

The year ended on the sad note; Shahzeb Khan’s brutal murder and the gang rape case in India. Millions lost their lives in Gaza,Afghanistan, Waziristan, Karachi, Syria and Kashmir. Even in this new millennium, human life has no respect, no value. We live in an era where human blood is cheaper than water, where justice seems like a lost philosophy that one only reads about in books, that has no practical application in this jungle of humans where they treat fellow human beings like roaches. This is what the “civilized world” has come to, this is the new low… oh wait! I guess we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves, let’s find a new low this year.

Something strange happened this year and somehow I couldn’t digest it. And I just wanted to put it here for sometime but I just didn’t get time. This year Malala episode happened. The way things took turn, I was just simply shocked. My taya was shot at from a very close range, the bullet not only made a hole in his chest, but it also made a hole in my husband’s arm and my husband was standing two feet behind him. My Taya lost his life, but my husband went through surgery and now it’s been three years, his hand still doesn’t feel the same. I just couldn’t understand the whole episode. I don’t know…

The new Tahir-ul- Qadri episode is way too depressing. Now these jokers are going to take us out of our miseries, people who are not even allowed in the holy city of Makkah are now going to show us the way. They’ll be our saviors?!?! I think this is high time when the genuine ulemas come out and take the driving seat, because otherwise not only the country would come to destruction but even the faith and iman of people would come under serious threat.

Anyway, perhaps things will change. People came out to protest against the killing of Shahzeb Khan, maybe there is some hope left for the people of Pakistan. Maybe there is hope that’s why we feel the pain of those in Gaza, Syria, the victims of drone attacks, victims of target killings and so many others. I guess the day all of us would stand up to the few who think they are gods, that will be the day that things will change. Hope we do that soon…

jeay bhutto! :P

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The day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated marked one of the darkest days in recent years in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan bled that day, people couldn’t reach home from offices, the buses, trucks, cars were attacked. The trains, the banks etc., all came under attack. Who were these people? Were they really in love with Benazir or were they the anarchists who were waiting for the signal (“as soon as she is killed, torch the country!”) to turn the country upside down. All of us know that the armed forces could have easily put the situation to right, where were they that day? Drinking to the dead Bhutto?

Today! It all came back to me. The horrific details of that day! Public property being the victim like always. And again the armed forces were only protecting the US embassy. Thumbs up Army! You are the best! Army has lost all the respect that it once had in the eyes of people, I wonder what they want to do with this country. I wonder what all of us want to do with this country. I’m no sure if this is the only way one can protest against the blasphemous movie. I don’t know, I think I’m one of those conspiracy theorists, who thinks that all of this is happening because “some people” want this to happen. Add your own men to the protesters, add a little glitz and glamour to the whole spectacle and we’d never get named! I’m just soo clogged up right now that I don’t know what to write on this anymore. When the Muslims were in power long long time ago, nobody dared to say a word against the Prophet (pbuh), not only that no one dared maltreat a Muslim for the fear what might be his demise. Now! Now… *sigh*

Anyway, today on the streets we saw rage against US, rage against the government, it’s funny and very ironic that when it would come to elections, these very people would chose all these corrupt leaders all over again forgetting that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that a momin doesn’t get bitten from the same hole twice.

jeay bhutto!


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Freedom? What is freedom? What is freedom of expression? Are these terms relative? Do they have different meaning for some people, and different for others? How do you define terms that men have made soo complicated just so that they can get whatever they want? Which definition would you want to adapt yourself to? The classic version? The modern or the Post modern version? Soo many versions of just a simple question or is it just a simple question?

Anyway, so what is obscenity? The definition again would come under heavy discussion as to what really is obscenity. The trouble with our media and our so-called liberals is that they have become so much delusional and are suffering from such critical identity crisis that they have forgotten that we do not have to exhaust ourselves into the debate of what is allowed and what is not.

Whatever that is happening today around the world and in Pakistan, it just breaks my heart. We see people around us who would talk about how we shouldn’t have law of blasphemy in Pakistan and how it is cruel and everything and it is sad that the very people would not open their lips about the cartoonists and the movie makers who think they have every right to do whatever they are doing. Such hypocrisy. Do these people think that we should remove this very law and put those blasphemous cartoons and movies on a show for the people of Pakistan( in the name of freedom of expression, of course). Instead we should have a law to put people on trial who say a word against the Holocaust, Europe has it, why not us.

It is ironic that though we live in the Post modern world, the boundaries have become more distinct when we put people into categories, specially Muslims. The fundamentalists, or the liberals and the middle section that was there some decades back, has become extinct. Whatever that is happening around us, either good or bad or in that grey area, is what is shaping us inside out. If we feel for Muslims around us,or if we don’t care what’s happening, every moment, every day, every event, everything is effecting us in so many different ways that we are either ending up becoming “the liberals” or the “fundamentalists”.

It’s been 11 years since 9/11 and since then thousands of innocent civilians, women and children have lost their lives in the name of the freedom that the US deludes itself in practicing. What kind of freedom have they provided to the people of Afghanistan, or Iraq? Freedom from this world perhaps.



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Something happened that made me wonder; we live in our own little bubbles. We, in this age of global village , live lives as if we are all islands, disconnected, not effected and certainly not moved by whatever that is happening outside the boundaries of our little homes. We talk about change, and “tsunamis” and “revolution” yet we are not willing to sacrifice even our time to the very cause we think we believe in. Or are we?

I’m saying all this because this is exactly what is happening in our society. Whatever that is happening in Waziristan right now, or districts of Lyari in Karachi, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Palestine, how does it effect us? Do we think about them for more than two seconds? Do we even care about them more than posting a picture of it, or updating our status about it on facebook? Does it effect our lives in anyway? I don’t think so. We keep on living our lives the way we are living them, full of distractions and entertainment and we think we can bring a revolution without sacrificing our lives, careers, luxurious lifestyles just by clicking and wasting away in front of our laptop screens. We are not willing to do more than that and we believe we are doing sooo much.

Revolution, change and every word related to it looks nice and everything but the reality is much more brutal. The situation in our homeland and in the Muslim world is almost out of control. We have people who would sacrifice their lives for their leaders, but they will not unite under the one banner of Pakistan, let alone Islam. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not even feeling a pang in our hearts for those who are dying in streets everyday by stray bullets, target killers or by drones. How can we feel for the Muslims of other countries when we don’t care about the people who live around the corner from our own houses.

Do we feel for the kids that die in Waziristan by drones? Or the families that are lost in that beautiful valley of Swat? Or those who are a target in Karachi? Or any other part of Pakistan? If not how are we supposed to call ourselves alive when we are no better than the dead.


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