“Consciousness is such a burden”

– D. I. S


from Ruba’iyat

Oh eye you are not blind, see the grave
And see this world full of distractions and bitterness;
Kings, heads and princes are under the clay 
See moon-bright faces in the jaws of ants



From The Ruba’iyat of Omar Kayyam (Translated by Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs)


Time to Wake Up…

“Aziz admits energy policy was flawed”


“Ministry sees new taxes as only way out of crises”


I wonder what happened to the foreign reserves that the Mush and Shauki government used to brag about. When the economy is booming and country is progressing that by day, why over tax the already overtaxed population?! I wonder how much they’ll lie and how much they’d bleed us so that the fire of their tummies can be extinguished.

Campus Security

On Monday, following a clash between two student political groups, Silver Jubilee gate was closed as always. The staff, students or the teachers, who come via their own cars use other gates to get out of the premises as a rule. But a professor from the applied Chemistry department tried going out from the Silver Jubilee gate and had a clash with the rangers which resulted in a plaster on the arm of the professor and a fractured finger of one of the rangers. The whole issue has been propagated soo much that the teachers and journalist are now trying to get rid of Rangers from the university premises.

Now the inside news, which we accidentally got access to, is that the Professor is politically inclined and this might be the agenda of some forces working behind him that could lead the student affairs to disaster. This would definitely lead to making the campus as it was during the nineties- battleground.

Karachi University, huge as it is, does face problems like gunpoint snatching of mobile phones, money and other crimes where the rangers are not to be seen. A couple of months back, a friend of mine was shown a gun by a dude, and he asked her to give her belongings to him. Luckily the Ranger’s Jeep was right behind the dude and my friend smiled at him and went away and he couldn’t do anything. What would be the plight of the female students or even male students(who do not have any political backing) if Rangers were removed?! The clashes do take place even when there are Rangers, but Rangers confine those to a particular area, not letting the political student groups go raving the whole university. So, Rangers-less-ness in KU would lead to chaos, heightened criminal activities and no security for students.

Rangers might have been wrong in doing whatever they did. Or this is what media propagated. But it should be settled in a different way not by removing them from the campus. More than 50% of the students attending KU are female, I wish they consider that before making any decision.